You should say "down and circle"? Wear these three colors, minute avatar smart!

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original title: "and you actually say that jacket round? Wear these three colors, minute avatar smart!

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down clothes have been wronged for a few years as "fashion disaster",

the style sister wants to say, smart down clothes bright! Ming! It is! Many!

white and red color, metal jacket,

today the elder sister will break off and tear off ~

for you once.

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- >

, no matter the chemical attack in the south, or the physical attack in the north, can't be changed for anyone. Hello! Quickly follow the trendy men to learn a lesson, and put this to the cold , ~

1. white down jacket

wit have you found that white down clothes have become the new of the winter this year? Now, has all kinds of street pads. Although a white mom complains that it is easy to dirty, it can make the mushrooms cool with the value.

white short down jacket has become essential goods flow of little flowers, so easy~ comes with white texture, it will appear to you and smooth and clean the full spirit of < / strong>~

no matter the conventional or the cool design , the elder sister thinks the down coat is still a little better. You can highlight the proportion of your body, with pants is not a mistake!

I can't say

but the style as long as the short line, was down short fluffy clothing collocation gorgeous skirt + heavy shoes, looks like ! Mcgregor! The disaster! Hard!

long down jacket is a minefield, but white except ! Some thin and long white jacket, full of romantic atmosphere, in a slim waist pants and sweaters, can let you hang the little sister ~

incarnation of temperament

large white really dirty Oh ~ if you have the same style as sister Diudiu Jiepi, can not see the dirt, choose shallow From: 你竟说羽绒服“土肥圆”?穿好这三个色,分分钟化身时髦精!
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