The foreign students took 5 coach packages and returned home, and after the plane, they found all of them lost. The airport is consignment.

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original title: the foreign students brought 5 coach packages to return home, after the plane found all lost! The airport is consignment.

recently is the rush hour for foreign students to go home in recent years. This time coincides with the discount season of Christmas and boxing day. Many overseas students take advantage of home to do a shopping.

the student returned with 5 coach packages and disappeared after the flight!

recently, there was a foreign student who was originally happy to return home.

she bought 5 coach purses for her friends before returning home, and used two tape, respectively, in the inner and upper layers of the suitcase.

woman sit UA from Losangeles to New York when the American shipping, which after landing found two bags in the trunk are torn!

5 wallet disappeared, no woman said the loss of hundreds of dollars, leaving her angry is that American airlines do not lose one!

, and it has happened not only one or two times, but even more often...

some time ago, Miss Li from Ningbo also encountered the same thing. When she traveled to London, brought a LV bag worth 7000 yuan to her friends. The bag unexpectedly disappeared when she arrived in China.

and in the dustproof bag that was originally used for bag, she actually put her wash bag?

bag was stolen, and can confirm that the airport staff to , she and countless phone calls, send mail to nearly 10 airlines, has not satisfied with her answer, angrily, Miss Li will this matter to social media.


tragedy as well as from Chengdu Miss Wang, because she is from Rome airport for a boarding pass when no luggage stickers, back home to find a way to the trunk, it was discovered that the box of Chanel bags and other valuables all disappear!

> something worth more than 80 thousand yuan, and now there is only a bunch of empty bags and old clothes left.

these lost luggage, everyone is aware that the airport staff stole, but it is nothing...

the perpetrators are all airport staff, and have organized, semi - Open theft!

for an airport bellman, want to get something or a plug from these suitcases.

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