There are more than 100 Chinese wolfberries, and a sense of ritual for a whole year.

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that can contract for a whole year.


in heaven

would go


when you opened the calendar last time? When was it?

is it to look at the weekend plan or suddenly want to know what day is the new year?

is this a calendar like this?

"we are familiar with the iPhone calendar

is artificial intelligence occupied in twenty-first Century, and even check the time, need only gently a mobile phone screen, remember your memory and home when the old calendar and almanac?

(you laugh

and home of the laohuangli, it should avoid logging, cutting, moving, avoid travel... Old superstitions engraved on it.

"small wet sister really love this retro poster in the left

at that time, the days on the calendar were fresh and interesting.

, spring rain, spring equinox, insects... Twenty-four throttle time carding orderly;

Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Qingming, Dragon Boat Festival... At the time of the year, life is decorated with all kinds of flowers.

but when I do not know from when, such traditional calendars and calendars slowly disappear into our vision.

in fact, living in the is surrounded by the best electronic products is also the worst of times, we need more time than any other calendar, - because life needs a sense of ritual.

in fact, Xiao Dami feels that the pursuit of ritual is nothing more than to make yourself feel in life.

P.S. ranking no successively, are small wet sister really recommend ~



literature and art cancer must be defeated:

unidirectional space -- one-way calendar

recommended reason: solemn nonsense, seven points design, three points.

why does this calendar be a >?

because it is too hot, is said to sell 300 thousand copies in 3 years. All the way star V such as Chen Yao, Pu Shu,

From: 生活不止眼前的枸杞,还有100块能承包一整年的仪式感
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