Dream never end "sword fighting arena" theme song MV exposure

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original title: dream never end "sword fighting arena" theme song MV


MMO Mobile Games troubled arena "sword hero biography" on December 29th open beta, today the game theme MV formal exposure. This MV picture taken from the "sword hero biography" the same animation theme song by Feng Xiaogang's lyricist, composer Zhou Di, Liang mang well-known ancient soul singer to create a joint.


MV can be said to be a simple introduction to the "sword hero biography" view of the world and the occupation. At the beginning of the "Jiuding seal broken, Zhou magic to break the shackles of" two words, revealing a chaotic atmosphere of the atmosphere. Then the four occupation played battle demons, began a magnificent virtuoso in the melodious in antiquity.

crazy knife horse dashing, refined knife light as the lightning over the enemy; the spirit of low light, in a lightning and fire in the roar of the enemy when holding two knives, ashes to ashes; into four places will kill enemy; the Barbarian King released violent force, summoned huge as the wolf king Jifei. The little minions break after the final boss Zhou magic appeared, four Knight at the enemy, to carry out the final battle.

lyrics, "sometimes the hero is also short", "one angry only for the red face", two words to do the seemingly unrestrained and unruly of the helpless behind the river. "Sunset is broken, and people on the horizon have gone far away". It seems that four professions may pay for life to protect world peace, and you will become the new savior of the world.

in addition to the theme song of the same name and the same animation, "sword hero biography" will also be linked through many fields such as comics, movies and games, to build a three-dimensional troubled arena. The game "dart" comic book by author Xu Xianzhe writer, the continuation of the "people" dart hardcore style of martial arts, has released 3 words; the movie of the same name by Huang Xiaoming, starring Xu Jiao, and the story is about a comic, troubled love a ruthless killer and a helpless little girl.

martial arts total sub plan

the same name movie

comic set

on the other hand, the same name movie, the same name animation and the same name hand tour all share a world view of the chaotic world. In the game, the end collapse comes, the resulting shortage of natural calamities and man-made misfortunes of life, moral rules do not exist, the arena has become from Carnival paradise, have superior heroes, now but is also a highwayman.

jiebiao, assassination, Indiana, even for a food, in order to survive people began to use unscrupulous divisive tactics the dark side of human nature, are fully. The only purpose of this river is to survive. You can choose to become a reformer of rivers and lakes, and you can also release your inner nature and become an incompetent person who ignores rules. It all depends on your heart.

12 29, "sword hero biography" the troubled arena officially opened! The road, not far away, lakes dream,

never end!

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