Once the world's largest car city: two million people fled the ghost city, the police pay less than the waitress

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original title: once the largest automobile city in the world: the ghost town that two million people fled, the police salaries were not as good as the waitress


in the past, people mentioned the name of the car city, which is always only one city, that is Detroit in the United States. The city's largest auto industry in the world is now feeling a very depressed feeling. More or less related to the past bankruptcy, but in fact, the city has been declared bankrupt since December 2014, and the local government has started functioning normally. What is the city like now?

in fact, the truth is that the city has the deepest impression on the author of this generation, that the city was learned from the textbook as a child. Since it was listed as the most sad city in the United States in the 2012, the city's data, in addition to the economic downturn, is the same as the population. According to the 2013 statistics, about 2000000 people in the city all chose to leave here, and only 700 thousand people were left here. About 83% of these 700 thousand people are of African descent, and the poverty rate is nearly 40%. Such a big city is now the appearance of the present, people can not help but sigh.

although the current city's government has begun to operate, there is still a high deficit and debt. There are now living in the city told my friend, now he did not dare to town because of activities, everywhere is the untouchables, gangs. On the road can often see not repaired street and public facilities, ordinary people walk in the street is relatively small, but if you still insist on or into the business and good company, everyone in Western dress and leather shoes is very polite.

is interesting, according to friends said, the local state police are very hard, but the city is very easy. It is that wages are very low and even low to a waitress can be higher than the police. Maybe that's the proof that the local government is still recovering. It is worth mentioning that the city gives the impression of a car city, not that there is a developed car industry, but a traffic jam. Pedestrians are often unable to see but can still block the road for a long time. But this is limited to parts of the city.

if you really want to travel here, be sure to live in the city and don't go to the suburbs. Walking in the center of the city, the feeling of the first big automobile city suddenly appeared in front of you. Many tall buildings also met many people's fantasies about the future city. Though called the ghost town, there are still some efforts to revive the city, though the city has become one of the worst 50 cities in the eyes of Americans.

, but all the illusions are built near the center of the city. Out of the center of the city, you can see deserted or burned houses and all kinds of graffiti everywhere. The depression is probably not obvious in the city but it can be found out of the city, and many of the infrastructure is broken down on the side of the road. The locals vividly told the author a eight mile range, meaning not going out of the city's eight mile circle, otherwise it would be unsafe.

have to say, now the city impression is not very good, in addition to a lot of black entrenched in the suburbs, there is a lot of old not repair houses, and even then the glorious moment of the train station is also broken into such a look, it is said that the train station was built at the train station or the highest in the world, but now dilapidated in this way, some people can not help but sigh, don't know what this experience.

see here, I do not know if you have a reader of the city has its own impression? In fact, it's not that the city can't go, it's very good to walk in the city, but if you want to go to the outskirts of the city, be careful.

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