Retaliate the society, and I'll do it for the last time!

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original title: retaliate the society for this thing, I do the last time!

as a Tianjin man, the first thing I go home every time is - to set up the pancake fruit .

home food is the taste of the taste of , and breakfast is the most city, the most close to the life of food.

the most delicious breakfast in everyone's mind is from the morning shop at the door.

recently, I found a documentary about breakfast in all parts of China, "sunrise food", .

the film is full of color and fragrance. If opens at midnight, it will give you ten thousand blows.

was divided into four episodes in the first quarter. It introduced the breakfast of Yunnan, Hubei, Shaanxi and Beijing, respectively.



have a vivid alias Yunnan gold food , points out the characteristics of the image of the Yunnan breakfast distinctive, variety, taste tempting.

(there are many kinds of light rice lines that can make you eat less than a month)

said the first Dali Xizhou town of , went to the students must know a great reputation hi Baba island .

when I was in the morning to eat Baba ran a row of more than 40 minutes. results, go down crisp and tender , feel super!


has two types: and rose sauce bean sweet Baba, Baba put salted pork.

this shop also launched a few layers of pork and eggs "Deluxe" baba.

I do watch Baba is fun.

is not far away from Xizhou, , Weishan ancient town . Here is a multi-ethnic gathering area. The blending of culture also creates a paradise for food. There are more than 30 kinds of breakfast.

the most special of which is Weishan rake meat bait .

bait wire has anywhere in Yunnan, but 's authentic rake meat can only eat in Weishan.


rake refers to the cooked meat, one clip and the state of the rotten . This kind of pork can be , tender and sweet.

is also impressive. It is Weishan's Yang's sister-in-law's face , one is a single one, the longest one can reach 1470 meters.

in order to give the elderly birthday, Yang Sao sang folk songs while pulling the blink of an eye, pulled a bowl of "a face".

a face cooking pot, and then covered with fruit, mountain bamboo shoots, fried beans and red pepper dozen ingredients and stir fry out of a hat. A bowl of love with a full face is done.


"premature" , the alias is "premature city" .

I was in the University in Wuhan, and the word, From: 报复社会这事儿,我再干最后一次!
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