Please call Vieira in your name, and people who have seen the movie can't help crying out the beauty of it!

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original title: please call Vieira in your name. Anyone who has seen the movie can't help exclaiming its beauty.

"in your name please call me" a few days ago to visit the United States theaters, has yet to introduce domestic theaters, the film is adapted from Andre Asimon's novel of the same name "Austrian red hot film" praise sound can be heard without end in the movie screen, but also every frame shocking beauty.

let's look at the unique charm of the Vieira area in the Riviera of Italy.


(Riviera), the Mediterranean coast region. Including wave tender Italy Thailand, Le wante and French blue coast area. In the north, there are seashore mountains and legual mountains as a barrier, full of sunshine throughout the year, snowfall days and rainy days are very few.

due to the influence of Mediterranean climate, many plant species in this area, the four seasons can be planted flowers, the towering magnificent scene, the sea scenery attracts many tourists come here on holiday from.


Riveria Liguria Riviera Ligure refers to the region in the Vieira Coast Resort of Genova Genoa and Portofino Feinuo port in this area. Riviera backs the Alps and faces the Mediterranean, so the background in the film is always so eye - raising.

Genoa is the largest seaport in Italy, and the second largest port on the Mediterranean coast. It is located in the northwest of Italy. It looks far away from the Mediterranean Sea and Corsica, France. Located in downtown Genoa at the Plaza, located around the Carlo Felice theatre and the Duke house. There are great navigators Columbo residence, San Lorenzo bishop church, St Georges palace, new street Museum, Genoa new street and Rowley palace system are listed as world heritage.

Portofino (Portofino) is a village located in Italy Liguria of Genoa Province, Portofino is considered one of the most beautiful Mediterranean ports, attracts a large number of tourists from around the world visit. Pliny believes that Portofino is the old Romans and was named "Portus Delphini", because the di Gurion Bay (Golfo del Tigullio) a large number of dolphins to habitat.

people who have seen movies can't help trying to explore the beauty of the Vieira area in Italy. Then call Vieira

in your name.


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From: 请以你的名字呼唤里维埃拉,看过电影的人都会忍不住惊呼它的美!
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