Cheap and tasty, net red and salty egg yolk snacks recommended ~

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original title: cheap and tasty, net red salty egg yolk snacks recommended ~

recently salted egg yolk became the new Jin Wanghong snacks, a stop chasing new snack of my colleagues, I always kept to sell Amway, the beginning I do not eat. You think, egg yolk yellow = = Salted Duck Egg snacks, emmmm...... It turns out that selling Amway depends on action! Later, he was directly stuffed with an egg yolk, and it was very good, so hehe, I was successfully pulled into the pit ~

in Amway can't I a person eat this idea, our theme is: salted egg yolk flavor snacks recommended! But some snacks such as net red yolk chips, crispy salted yellow croaker, is delicious, but the price of a bag of 60+, is also very expensive, so this time we recommend cheaper ~

this is a purely handmade cookie, and the package is relatively small and fresh. Although after the order is done, but it is very fast, but the packaging is also very tight, there is not a bit of broken cookies.

eating and drinking index: 8.5

reference price: 16.8 yuan /130g

tastes great! saline , egg yolk rich flavor, butter taste is very fragrant, similar to the egg roll taste, eat salted egg yolk Vujacic mouth taste . Special crisp! Crisp to no bite will break the degree of ! But the mouth will be very dry , there is a slight point here, it is better to match a cup of tea or coffee.

which is a network of red rice crust. A big tin can be sealed like cans. There are four different expressions around the package. It can change your mood with your mood and feel very interesting.

eating and drinking index: 9.6

reference price: 24.9 yuan /268g

has a crispy rice aroma and sweet glutinous rice, salted egg yolk flavor although not obvious, but can feel the soft palate egg yolk wrapped in crisp and not hard crust , people do not want to stop. And this big canister is also very convenient to eat, and you can hold it at any time at the hand.

in front of three kinds of egg yolk biscuit infested ~ please note ~

although the package is written in Xiongben, it doesn't matter. Outside is carton packaging, there is a seal can be tore down, but more difficult to tear... There is a separate package in it.

eating and drinking index: 8.8

reference price: 11 yuan /100g

taste slightly sweet flavor is cookies taste, taste more concentrated grains. Distinct layers, crispy and delicious. is a good choice for as a snack or starve food. Although the taste is very delicious, but the taste of egg yolk is not obvious, so slightly reduced.

There is no big difference in

packaging, but there is no seal. It needs to be tore directly by hand. It is also independent.

eating and drinking index: 9.1

reference price: 15.8 yuan /100g

slightly salty , egg yolk flavor is relatively strong, and the sweetness of grain with the fusion of right. A bit hard and dry. The taste is not as crisp as Giovanna, but is more rich in . After eating the mouth will be full of fragrance and light sweet taste.


package is still not too different, probably because the salted egg yolk. So the three cookie invariably chose yellow, there are still independent packaging, more convenient to eat.