Chicken wings eat like this

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original title: chicken wings like this to eat

this dish is cooked with chicken stewed chicken wings. There is no other reason for buying chicken wings to be fierce. After a pile of piles, it begins to make wings for making chicken wings. What I want to do today is a garlic chicken wings, which is a dry eating method without soup.

this issue of the plate is Lao Zhu to buy, look at the aesthetic straight. All the factors that affect the beauty of my typesetting can be counted directly on the head of Lao Zhu.

the required ingredients are as follows:

learned so many dishes, the fool knows that the first step is Bacon, chicken wings are no exception, put garlic, onion, chili, salt, sugar, white pepper, cooking wine, soy sauce, want more tasty, curing time can be longer, or even to two hours.

, then use the prepared flour and starch to wrap the pickled chicken wings, then dip the starch into the bottom pot to make sure that every chicken wing is white.

OK, you can start to think about the oil pan. Hot oil, put the chicken wings in, the first fry to golden yellow. It can be seen from this, we're going to bomb more than once.

After the

chicken wings are cool, go into the oil pan and fry it again. This time it will be deep yellow.

OK, now to start something slightly fry, with bottom oil stir fried garlic, put a little chili, into the fried flavor.

then put the chicken wings in, stir fry it, and put some salt in the right way, so you can get out of the pot, ~

this plate makes a sharp contrast to what I made. The dish that Lao Zhu bought is really ugly, and the dish I made is really delicious!

hee hee, this dish is so, see you tomorrow.

to tell you what your company has a good welfare

said let me envy envy return to the Sohu,


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