Forget Sanya, this is the most important place for Hainan!

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original title: forget Sanya, this is the most place to go to Hainan!

every winter,

all people are thinking about "font-size: 16px

;" > cold.

think cold, I thought of in Hainan,

think of Hainan, many people first reaction is Sanya".

, however,

but almost everyone has forgotten,

Hainan > 110.39 degrees east longitude 18.8 degrees north latitude.

the annual average temperature is beautiful and extreme coastal town: Wanning!

when the North temperature is above 0 degrees, it will drop down to below zero.

most of the southern part of the "Qi", "close to 0".

winter here is full of warm and happy sunshine,

half is the blue sea, half of the wizard of Oz,

which is winter, it is the early summer!

land to Sanya,

will pass through Wanning on the way,

but most people just pass by,

but don't stop to know it carefully,

, so I missed these little-known beauty:

the most beautiful bay existing in Hainan, the most beautiful bay

"if you are the 2" one of the viewports)

Shi Mei Bay


three sides, known as the "Oriental Maldives"

in Shenzhou Peninsula


known as "the Chinese version of the sunk bay"




From: 忘记三亚吧,这才是海南最该去的地方!
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