After Christmas, it was found that Santa Claus was actually without a hat.

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original title: Christmas after the end of the discovery, Santa Claus is actually no hat!

photographer Ed Wheeler ">" series photo collage.

this Christmas, did you wear a Christmas hat on your WeChat head? With a white edge red plush cotton, dotted with white hair ball of red hat, thick white beard and a pair of black boots, Santa's classic image so vividly before us. So the question comes: where does Santa's hat come from?


in famous paintings

to salute his works in painting at the same time, also for the audience brought a lot of joy, but also add a lot of "art for Santa claus".

Ed Wheeler "Santa Classics" series Photo Collage

whenever Wheeler selected a painting, he will fully consider how to be the original height reduction. After considering the tone and style, he will pass the control of studio lighting, implementation is consistent with the original tone effect, fully grasp the characteristics of the original painting.

Ed Wheeler "Santa Classics" series Photo Collage

"The Jan Steen Feast of St. Nicholas", oil on canvas, 82 * 71cm, 1665

Ed Wheeler "Santa Classics" series Photo Collage

Wheeler was very detail oriented, and the combination of painting and photography enabled him to open the door to the new world. The artist from Philadelphia has spent more than a few years to create more than a dozen works. Santa Claus can travel freely and appear in paintings of famous artists such as Botticelli, Manet, Coolidge and Caravaggio.

Ed Wheeler "Santa Classics" series Photo Collage

who gave Santa Claus hat?

Wheeler, Santa Claus is the most familiar figure: the red cotton + white beard, but in fact, before 1931, Santa Claus was not the same. At that time, he was not completely stereotyped, sometimes the image of human being, sometimes the image of elves, sometimes even wearing rabbit ears to listen to children's wishes.

Ed Wheeler "Santa Classics" series Photo Collage

in fact, Santa Claus is now booming and has a great relationship with Coca Cola Co's marketing strategy in 1931. From: 圣诞过完才发现,圣诞老人当年其实是没有帽子的!
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