The tumor is very scary. Now you tell me that there are bacteria in the tumor?

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original title: the tumor is very scary. Now you tell me that there are bacteria in the tumor?

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is known as : an adult man weighing 70 kilograms, composed of 3x1013 human cells.

asked : what's the number of microbes that symbiotic with this person?

scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel for us to count the problem of : the answer is about 3.9x1013 - and human cells at the same level of [1]

; "

at the end of the digestive tract of the colon and rectum is the highest density of microorganisms in human tissue, but also the microbial population has one of the highest densities of [2]. The intestinal microflora affects all aspects of the human body. It can help us digest certain nutrients, inhibit some toxic substances that enter the stomach, and cause intestinal inflammation, obesity and other diseases.

Image Source: genuine library, colorectal cancer is a common colonic and rectal disease. According to the statistics of WHO in 2012, colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the world. About 10% of cancer patients are diagnosed as colorectal cancer [2][3][4]

these data can not help scientists curious: microorganism in human intestinal tract, has any effect on the occurrence of colorectal cancer?

by deep sequencing, scientists compared 95 groups of colon tumor tissue and normal colonic tissue microbial population abundance. They found that a bacterium called nucleated bacilli (Fusobacterium nucleatum) was highly enriched in colorectal tumors, [5]

the gut microorganism phylogenetic map obtained by" Hou "sequencing. Among them, blue is marked as a microbial group enriched in normal intestinal tissue, and red is marked as a microbial group enriched in intestinal tumor tissue. , Ruth Luo krypton barium source: reference [5]

this is a result of beyond all expectations -- nucleatum common in human oral cavity, which is often considered and the incidence of gingivitis and periodontitis, but still be treated as a benign oral commensal bacteria, has not what exists sense, even Wikipedia are not about the Chinese nucleatum entry.

how does Clostridium nucleate transfer from the mouth to the intestines?

before this problem has an exact answer, scientists have discovered nucleatum can also with colon cancer proliferation and migration of . Boston Broad Institute researchers through comparing patients with primary colorectal cancer and liver metastases, if patients with primary appeared nucleatum populations in colorectal tumor, then the corresponding liver metastases, a large probability will also detect the corresponding nucleatum population; without the appearance of Fusobacterium nucleatum (i.e. nucleatum negative) of colorectal liver metastases, and primary liver cancer, is rarely observed nucleatum of [6].

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