The pink girl's heart, either a middle-aged girl or a real girl, can be lit by this drink.

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original title: whether it's a middle-aged girl or a real girl's pink girl, this drink can ignite


recent circle of friends was crazy scraper, said that after the greasy middle-aged man, society and a new group of middle-aged girl. The first feature is that it likes pink. I rather disagree with this. Although the middle-aged young age, but for the pink, seems to have no unique love, until Christmas Eve met red dragon tea coffee street in Sai, oh my God, a young girl's heart brush middle-aged pink is lit.

Red Dragon Tea in Xiamen is located in the famous Sai coffee street, in the homogenization of a serious coffee street, red dragon tea unique appearance, let a person suddenly remember her. The bar is round, and there are beautiful colored Trojan horses in the door. The whole appearance looks like a revolving Trojan horse, and it seems to be in an amusement park.

if the first floor is a fairy tale dream, then the four floor is an air garden. From the roof overlooking Yuandang lake scenery, very comfortable. When night falls, the lights on tiny spots, it is wonderful. Such a dream and romantic environment, so that when you enter the shop, you will see many busy girls who are busy with self timer, and feel that the air is full of pink sweet smell.

go back to the gourmet. Red dragon tea products is currently the only drink, and not tying other desserts, relatively simple, as the girl but also playfully, Yan girlish high value.

the color system is of course pink.

signboard red velvet pearl latte

mixed with red velvet to produce pink and tender colors. It can be made into ice or hot, and the Pearl with QQ is full of temptation.

hot top is made of pink heart-shaped Lahua, is this color value, how many girls can resist?

small pink

the top is the milk cover, and then sprinkled with colorful colored needles, such as the beautiful life is generally colorful.

Green fairy tale

pink flowers, green grass, white clouds, floating form

From: 无论是中年少女还是真正少女的粉红少女心,靠这杯饮料都能点燃
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