Can you play the whole world without a national gate? The 10 places in China win the world's beauty.

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list of the 2018 best travel destinations published by the lonely planet

China is selected as the best travel country,

is better to travel than you do first from home to play

give yourself a chance to play call for the motherland!

The amazing beauty of

and the history of fantasy,

The high line of

and the new upgraded scenic spot

doesn't have to go abroad without going abroad.

has no national gate and can play

all over the world

walks around the 10 places in China,

is equivalent to walking around half a earth

So we come to

tea card Saline Lake VS Bolivia sky territory


of insect RaulWong

mirror in the sky


of insect wind _

tea card Saline Lake

the girl standing in the Saline Lake, the blue sky, the big white clouds. It looks like an angel falling into the earth. Is it envious? Let's go and come to China's tea card Saline Lake!


of insect water side 407


sparkling tea card Saline Lake is inlaid between the snow mountain meadows. The sky white clouds, the distant Cangshan zhengrong.


of insects flying past the window D young

blue sky and white clouds, snow mountains into the lake, as picturesque. Around the forage grass, the sheep like pearls.


of insect joshcheng

train tickets: 70 yuan; 50 yuan; 5 yuan

shuttle bus

open time: 7:00~18:30

suggests playing time: half a day

6-9: the best tourist season in summer and autumn months, the Saline Lake scenery, spring view of industrial salt mining, winter shangxue.



Changchun - Xining, the plane ticket price is about 1000 yuan

Xining tea card Saline Lake Y961/2 tourist train from

the departure time in Xining is 8:25 in the morning,

The time for

to arrive at the tea card Saline Lake time is 12:23 tea card Saline Lake departure time is at 17 o'clock p.m. and arrives in Xining time

Shanghai VS, France


of insect tsucheng

of France


of a bamboo worm


The special historical reason of

, so that Shanghai still has the high cold French, with the East Paris first.


of insect stray off

roof covered with red flat tile, clean Xilian thick quiet elegant, conform to no conventional pattern, written into the memory of the city, from the inside to the outside, from color to highlight French style decoration.

Figure Changer4Ever via Flickr

of insects

tall parasol trees stand on both sides of the street, making people trance across France.



Changchun - Shanghai, the ticket price is around 1000 yuan.

Changchun - Shanghai, if the time is enough, you can also choose train travel.

central street VS Russian


of insect xycaidi

of Russia