Did your child do brain training? Parents do this, children are easy to learn!

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original title: did your child do brain training? Parents do this, children are easy to learn!

did your child do brain training? Parents do this, children are easy to learn! One of the most precious resources on the brain, any human actions are dominated by the brain, so everyone should learn to use their brains, the brain is to think, will use the brain, not only can do what he wants to do, he also know better where to go. This can be an easy person to master their own destiny.

in the process of learning, the children are learning to learn "and".

feel that the children are really hard to learn and do all they can do, but the results are still ups and downs.

needs to work on the brain's use and memory curves.

1. the brain needs a rest to learn fast and remember.

if you feel tired, take 10 minutes to take a nap and continue to study. The best of the rest, is not tired to the extreme still force yourself to sit in front of the desk, nor learn tired, instantly stop, switch into sleep mode, but take a nap, while their electric charge to the brain, for example, take a few minutes, the blank button of the brain.

is right, it is to empty the brain, do mechanical simple activities, let thoughts drift. It's best to choose between classes or noon. Many bullies have the habit of taking a lunch break, which confirms this.

how to lie down to sleep without any conditions, choose a posture that you like on your seat, close your eyes, stop thinking about what homework you haven't done yet, and know which point you don't know. Do you like the girl who is watching you? Despite these distractions, the number of focus on their breathing, feel the air filled into the body, a diffusion pervading feeling in the body; but also can imagine yourself in the forest or the beach, quiet beautiful. Take 10 minutes to create a perfect nap. 10 minutes later, make sure you are relaxed and refreshed.


2. brain is like an engine, and it needs fuel.

the brain is a precious and complex machine, so you have to add "high quality fuel" to it. Junk food, poor quality food, all chemicals and preservatives, not only harm the body, but also weaken the intelligence. A new British study shows that the dietary structure affects your IQ.

remember: the closer the food is to the original state, the higher the value of the nutrition; the more food processing, the more the loss of nutrition, the more garbage.

10 this type of junk food: eat less fried foods, pickled foods, processed meat dish (jerky, dried meat floss, sausage and ham), biscuits (not including low temperature baking and whole wheat biscuits), cola drinks, soda convenient food (mainly refers to the instant noodles and puffed food, canned) food (including fish and fruit), plum candied food, frozen dessert food (ice cream, ice cream popsicle, etc.), barbecue food.

3. the brain is an ocean of electrochemical activity.

and chemicals can flow better in water, and if you are dehydrated, you can't concentrate. Experts suggest that we should drink more water and keep the necessary water in daily life, and we should not drink the same beverages in a day, and exchange mineral water, juice and other beverages. In addition, research data show that recurrent headaches are associated with dehydration.

so, remember, drink more water, and boiled water is the best.

4. the brain likes problems.

when you ask questions in the course of learning or reading, the brain will automatically search for answers to improve your learning efficiency. From this point of view, a good question is better than an answer.

asks questions that require technical content. When reading, the students who like to ask questions to the teacher usually learn hegemony, and the students who do not know too much are not asked to ask. Especially in the classroom, many times, the teacher didn't know where the students didn't understand and didn't know which part to focus on, and then put forward your doubts, perhaps the whole class's common doubts. The teacher can make you in two words or three, the ability of a qualitative leap. This is a shortcut to improve the performance.

5. the brain and the body have their respective rhythmic cycles.

, there are several periods of mental agility in a day. If you can learn in the most active brain, you can save a lot of time and achieve good learning results.

6. the brain and the body often communicate.

if the body is lazy, the brain will think that what you are doing is not important, and the brain doesn't pay attention to what you do. So, when you are learning, you should sit up and lean forward to keep your mind alert.

the memory of the brain can be trained. The following

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