If these words you don't understand that you are not prodigal!

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original title: if these words you don't understand that you are not prodigal!


is always complaining girlfriend talk like alien languages, in addition there are countless dresser mouth red, even buy a bag to collect N size and color... In fact, not only is the male head of the world, there are still some magic words, they only belong to the niche circle, such as the secret of these, you really do not know if the prodigal!

we've divided these words into a few levels, from the beginning to the high level, girls, and you'll say, at the end, a few:)

entry level

granny = Chanel

this question to send points, do not understand the trouble of girls home to read Chanel three hundred times. The people dreamed of double chain C package is many girls dream girl period, and can be worn ten thousand times the tweed jacket, are indispensable in a single product list. But why do you call Chanel granny Xiang? Probably is because of "grandmother" appellation can express respect, reflect the brand of the long history, and the status (such as Lafayette).

but let people admire the most, or Chanel refused to put the old stone coffin say saying: I don't want to be a stone under pressure, what time I want to come out, I have to come out. (although it sounds be horrified...)

= Avene, Evian spray spray

if not makeup girl will almost every bottle of spray, before going out to seek psychological comfort, although I do not know is not really useful, but spray this thing, now even the boys will be used, so this problem if your boyfriend can not answer, can go to a kneeling washboard.

YSL= poplar forest

sent again, no password what difficulty, directly according to the first letter changes to the touch touch in lipstick YSL handbags, thinking is not to support the new:


= Diaopai Dior

is not a Diao card washing powder washing liquid soap, but the famous luxury Dior veteran prodigal female anecdotal terms, derived from the DIAO Pinyin, homophonic carving, easy to write down to earth. This is not just in recent quarters, Dior dropped to taste, style of Ayilian.

, former boyfriend dead nibbling rabbit =SK II

who do not know the God of water, a ten year old coated with a touch of young stars in the use Master recommended small bottles of skin care products were praised to the level of God, is one. SK II slightly improves the level of family nickname, do not know a little English and didn't know what happened to ~


but many people do not understand why it is a skin care product and ex related, according to rumors, as long as with a SK II mask, immediately can shine, the most suitable place to ex existence of tear force.

donkey card =LV

brand full name Louis Vuitton, the correct pronunciation of few, the vast majority of the people still read directly into the LV. Abbreviated LV and the Pinyin of the donkey, is it very good to remember?

into the class

XuSanDuo = Shiseido

started a little difficulty, the beginning is estimated that many people could not guess, but recall Shiseido's English name SHISEIDO, understand Japanese friends laugh, woman (SHI) (SEI) estate last longer (do), schurrle, really like ~

not only a play interesting, Shiseido is Chinese name is big, from the "book of changes" in the "Zai to Kun yuan, very culture breeds everything.".

=La Mer


and immortal water are also a lady - grade product

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