More quiet than Wuzhen, more than the beauty of Zhouzhuang, 2 hours to arrive in Hangzhou, this ancient town can not be missed!

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original title: it is more quiet than Wuzhen. It is more than 2 hours to arrive in Zhouzhuang and Hangzhou. This ancient town is not to be missed.

Jiangnan ancient town,

small bridge people,

whisper of crisp, don't have a charm.



though more ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River,

but it is not easy to find an ancient and undeveloped ancient town.


in Jiangsu, such an ancient town,

than Zhouzhuang jingmei.


legend here is the Eastern Han Dynasty filial Ding Lan's hometown,

popular love story "Tang Bohu scholar" also took place here.


this is a thousand year old town,

save a piece of Ming and Qing ancient residence,

and home pillow water,

a door to see the water,

as out of the paintings in the village of


is amazing.



this ancient town is compared to the famous ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River,

although not famous enough,

but far away from the city of Wuxi,

knowing it is not much,

> without any commercial breath.


here, since ancient times, the flourishing "water wharf" in the south of the Yangtze River,



exquisite and simple bridge,

sets up a magnificent view of the water.



here is known as "small Suzhou",

the reputation of "silver mouth" of the ancient town of dang mouth.


white walls and black tiles and the sky together,

ink painting that is carefully portrayed everywhere,

From: 比乌镇清静,比周庄美,杭州出发2个多小时到达,这个古镇不可错过!
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