"Prodigal" year-end bonus 5 sects, the last of the heart

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original title: "Prodigal" year-end bonus 5 sects, finally a Swiss

Fan said: "spend the year-end award on the" blade "~

(business model, reprint please note)

every year at the end of the year, the most exciting one is - the year - end award ~

a few days ago, HUAWEI has exposed the advance payment of year-end bonus, and ordinary employees are likely to get even more 1 million sigma (... To LLL)


although not all the companies are so trench, but for most workers, the end of the year will have a good income ~


hard year, get a bonus, often want to "waste" (at).

so in addition to to give themselves sho pping, do money, what should the end of the year award be done?

, of course, is to pass on the joy, to thank the relatives and lovers, to choose a gift for them, to express their own heart, ~

, however, mention gifts "improving" and rivers and lakes on the spread of various factions.

come together and see what kind of pie you belong to (who's talking about the chocolate pie?) ~

Which family is strong in

--------------- delivery? ----------------

simple and rude

"simple and brutal" is a large factional system, which has a certain position in the river and lake because of its straight, straightforward and unconstrained, "empty".

they think too It differs from man to man. gift, burn brain, match up, is difficult to control each other.

and sometimes it's really unrealistic to have too many gifts, such as the boss, to choose the corresponding gift one by one.

so they like to send money directly, pack a red packet at a little bit, and then make a shopping card ~

, for example, George Clooney, in 2013, in order to thank 14 friends for help, he called everyone home, and each sent a black box full of 1 million dollars...

this "gift" seems to lack a little novelty (to what, but the bike) is safe and effective, "attack" range, and tested.

plain and sincere

everyone except love red fruit notes, also love sincere affection, as the saying goes "gift affective weight, which is simple and sincere" faction faction training "~

for them, direct bribe is not so "take heart, gifts must be not easily won, and sustenance of nostalgia and love.

so they sent more love products, whether it is home to sell the wine, or own handmade salted fish, exquisite is only a ~

love to relatives and travel to bring gifts, also belong to the members of the school, the gift may not be expensive, but the heart of each other, all the way back, will make the gifts of the people moved.

in addition, the faction also often have the ingenuity of the character, a very good cook, invite friends in for a visit, ~

is also a sincere and honest thanks.

You sent

Buddha DepartmentOf course, there are also

gifts world Buddha, their own faction, everything, elusive.

, they will not consider whether you need (and may not be used at all), nor care if they are able to appear unique. Instead, they feel good about it, then send it to you,


, for example, a good partner of fan, a lively younger sister of 20, had received a whole... Kung Fu tea set from the Buddha's friends...

is known as "the little prince of the night shop", Boy C, which is rarely read in a few times, and many times have received the exquisite workmanship of the bookmark.

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