Good, rich in anthocyanins, drink good skin

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original title: good material, rich in anthocyanins, drink good skin

often hears "drink 8 cups of water a day", but little fruit always forgets to drink water and dry every day from work...

After all,

white Shuitai monotonous, drink and worry about all kinds of color additives and high sugar content, how to do?

picture by bean fruit Tina

bean fruit recently discovered a small fruit handy magic, few of them in the water, such as BLUELOVER sexy, elegant as Princess ;

wisps of color such as painting, dancing in the water bloom, finally slowly sank into the bottom of the cup, also feel calm and relaxed.

bean fruit also fell in love with water, and after a period of time, it really felt the ~

of skin water.

this amazing little fruit called black wolfberry, floret Dongyu Zhou beauty shoot video said it is "global water water ", it is recommended by health experts antioxidant "fetish" , Han Hong is the teacher in "every day" strongly recommended hometown specialty .

images cut from Dongyu Zhou micro-blog

images are cut from the Hunan TV program "day day up"

oral skin cosmetics

wild black wolfberry rich in anthocyanins, so water can release the dazzling colors.

anthocyanins are natural antioxidants, called "skin cosmetics " oral, can delay skin aging, blood and soothe the nerves, more free radical scavenging effect (free radical is an important cause of aging, cancer, heart disease and other diseases).

There are records of "Compendium of Materia Medica"

: "black wolfberry, Bushenshengjing, liver, eyesight, strong bones, to fatigue, easy to color, white, eyes and nerves, very long. "

small fruit soaked beans black wolfberry, Chinese wolfberry from good buy owner camp " " Qi Jue businesses, its home goods is not much, but they are picked up the top grade.

"the aristocrat in Gobi"

"The rise of"

Qi black wolfberry from the cornucopia Qaidam Basin in Qinghai, Nuomuhong Gobi at the altitude of 3000 meters, large temperature, sunshine time up to 3600 hours of , the ecological environment of green pollution-free, bred excellent quality of wild black wolfberry.

after the maturity of the black Chinese wolfberry contains a lot of anthocyanins, also contain 17 amino acids, 13 kinds of trace elements, and 67 kinds of vitamin , the content of calcium and magnesium, copper, zinc and iron was also higher than that of wolfberry.

The many benefits and benefits of

to the human body are also very much -

In addition to skin care and anti-aging,

can also effectively , tonifying kidney and essence, preventing cancer, improving circulation, improving physical fitness, improving sleep and anti allergy, protecting liver and improving eyesight and protecting eyesight.

10 jins of fresh fruit can only produce a kilo of dry fruit

naturally grows in Gobi. The black wolfberry is distributed unevenly and sparsely. It is known as " ten fresh dry, choose ten for one ". The ten jin fresh fruit can only dry a jin of dried fruit, and ten dried fruits can only choose one finished product to enter the market.


" the sale of the first crop of Qi Jue picking the top wild black wolfberry is more rare, full of fruit anthocyanin savings full uniform, after drying and manual screening of impurity, selected rare, extremely rare.

After the rise of "

Qi" black wolfberry bubble into the water, the release of significant and lasting "countless" anthocyanins, dream and heady.

and in recent years, black wolfberry has gradually become popular. Many cheap counterfeit "black wolfberry" has been spawned. It has been excellent or slow to see in water, and the color of water has changed a little. Probably there is no anthocyanin.

black wolfberry is purple in acid water and is in alkaline water.

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