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7 sanitation workers in Harbin were hit by 5 deaths and 2 injuries

Author: Yao Shun

editor: Wang Xiao

12, on the second ring road of Harbin, a black car was driven by the Xinghe road to the highway bridge, and knocked down 7 sanitation workers, causing 5 deaths and 2 injuries.

Sohu, Kam Wen search found that from January 2015 to the end of November 2017, there are more than 170 China about the sanitation workers traffic accident news reports, these reports, most of the sanitation workers died.

sanitation workers, seems to be the most dangerous group on the road.

in the eyes of the 55 year old Beijing sanitation worker, the two hour before daylight was "the dark before dawn", and every day was in a nervous mind. He was wearing a warning lamp, cleaning up the garbage, while taking care of the dregs.

below is the Autobiography of the old Hou.

, the old man was sweeping the road. Photo source: Yao Shun


, worked hard in the beautiful night

12, >12, 6 degrees below zero in Beijing.


my partner is high, this has been at rest and wait for me, she got up early every day, 3 points up. Old 49 years old this year, more than 6 years old, my little northeast woman, can bear hardships, have been doing this for five or six years. I've been working with her for more than two years after I worked as a sanitation worker.

"yes, Laohou, every day, so will be the first to say hello to me.

and colleagues a few simple greetings, don't put the warning lights in the body, and I were on the road.

the city of Beijing, 5 in the morning, is very beautiful, like a woman in a dark yellow coat, looking at you there. In such a beautiful night doing hard work, there seems to be a romantic color taste.

the leader rules, before 6:30 every morning, you have to clean up the road that you are responsible for. I am responsible for high and from the dujiakan toll station to DAHUICHANG Road East, a back and forth more than 2 kilometers. Each of the other colleagues was responsible for a different road, and everyone joined up, a Beijing city.

the company has a regulation, during the work must open a warning light, or will be fined. The glare of blue and red reminding the passing vehicles, we are working.

I responsible for the road next to two roads, the roads to first clean up garbage, what are, cigarette butts, peel, wastepaper, beverage bottles, leaves, sticks and so on.

I took the big broom sweeping up in front, riding the electric car behind, I shoveled trash together into the car. I and old while sweeping, chatting.

after half an hour early, take a walk of people up, will meet to say hello. Some people will lead the dog, once a few, the dog dung on the road is more. I put the stool and old removed, and then rinse clean water to the ground.

auxiliary road sweep, to check the main road. At this time there were big trucks and dregs. The speed was very fast. The wind could scrape the waste paper and the cigarette end very far. I could only follow it in the back. Sometimes, the road will have animal carcasses, spring and summer winter cat, dead birds, most badly mutilated, I want to go to the main road.

Laohou and old bike in the middle of the road sweeping, morning traffic passing from them. Photo source: Yao Shun

From: 环卫工自述“黎明前的黑暗”:常遇危险 大车经常超速闯红灯
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