"Zhuang Yang" snack popular in Fujian and Taiwan area, all families will do, have you ever eaten?

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South Fujian culture, almost in the Golden Gate on this small island has been a perfect presentation. The diet is also a narrow strip of water. For example, the oyster satay, in Xiamen known as the fried oyster, oyster, Taiwanese Satay is tight.

material is fresh oysters, Korea cuisine, with sweet potato powder mixing and garlic bolt. Look at this full of stuffing.

hit a spoon to the fried spoon

into the oil pan

deep fry to golden brown, Lek oil

in the


bite, which full of oyster ah, in Xiamen is more than.


is popular in Fujian, Taiwan on the west coast of the port city, oyster farming village town of fried snacks, have you eaten? return to the Sohu, see more


From: 流行于闽台地区的“壮阳”小吃,家家户户都会做,你吃过么?
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