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original title: China University of Political Science and Law teacher & #34; suspend the storm & #34; 9 years later, the storm again, the teacher sued the school


12 21", Yang Fan, a retired professor of China University of Political Science and Law business school, sent out a piece of paper entitled "why do I want to sue the China University of Political Science and Law" on the Internet? The blog of "". The article said that in 2008, it turned into an anonymous report of a professor's work suspected of plagiarizing letters to the school, and was caught in an endless "suspension" dispute of "binding". Up to now, the "suspended state" has not been publicly revoked.

"Yang Fan published the article" why I want to sue China University of Political Science and Law? "" according to Yang Fan himself micro-blog

Yang Fan said, for 9 years, "suspension of the identity" of his identity has been a lot of discrimination. He decided to "talk", prosecute the China University of Political Science and Law to infringe on its reputation, and ask the school to apologize. In November 27, 2017, the Haidian District court of Beijing accepted the case.

nearly two days. The Red Star news is calling the Propaganda Department of China University of Political Science and Law on this matter, hoping to verify the things stated in Yang Fan's article. At the time of the publication, the school said that it would actively cooperate with the court investigation, respect the law and no other response.

> 16px; "according to Yang Fan

of micro-blog map

nine years ago, an anonymous report letter

was reported to be in dispute with Yang Fanjun and was suspended from

Yang Fan said, in April 2008, he received an email, the content is: Kim Business School professor on serious plagiarism. He, who was then chairman of the academic committee of the business school, presented a letter to the academic committee of the University of political and law. Subsequently, Yang Fan has also been Professor Jin Xing to report suspected of academic corruption, plagiarism and other issues. In May 2008, Professor Yang Fan and Professor king, who had been caught in a plagiarism dispute, were suspended by the school.

when the media had reported the incident, according to JINGWAH Times reported in May 26, 2008, China University of Political Science and Law Construction Committee of the third meeting, the committee voted Professor Jin "academic misconduct" and "plagiarism" results for 5 to 5, did not form a resolution. And the committee decided that Yang Fan did not constitute plagiarism.

when the University Academic Committee Vice Chairman of the party in the Star News Liufang, accepted the interview said: "at the meeting suggested Yang Fan to report to his motives, and the teacher tied treatment, it is wrong to completely confused."

2008 October 8th, China University of Political Science and Law news network announced the thirteenth principal's office fourth: "two teachers Conference on business schools make suspended inspection, at the disposal of the decision".

"published on the website of the school meeting

website screenshot

the school party had explained the cause of the suspension of

at that time,

in order to maintain academic standards and strengthen teachers' professional ethics construction

at that time, China University of Political Science and Law spokesman Liu Changmin told the media openly said: "Yang Fan does not exist the problem of plagiarism, but his report motivation, morality, and reporting behavior is mixed with personal interests, the school remains to be further investigation. Therefore, the school has been suspended for two people in the hope that they all calm down and reflect on their behavior. "

Yang Fan called the suspension of the decision to undo

" is very unreasonable, stimulated insomnia, taking medicine


today, Yang Fan, in an interview with Red Star News, denied that he was a whistle blower.

2008, Yang Fan received a written notice from the school personnel office that "the school decided from now."

From: 中国政法大学教师"停职风波"9年后再起风波 教师起诉学校
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