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Jason Greenshields and Marie Harper are from Rexer M, UK (Wrexham). When the two met, Jason was treating cancer, and Marie was treating diabetes. The two person's love begins in the ward, but the couple is considered impossible to have children. However, nine years later, Marie gave birth to a pair of twins.

since his marriage, Jason continues his hard chemotherapy, and they have to accept the fact that they can't have children. But nine years later, two people were shocked to find that Marie was pregnant and was a pair of twins. "Jason was diagnosed with cancer, so we met in the hospital," Marie said. "For years he had been fighting cancer, and it was the worst part of the time until he was told to have children."

Marie gave birth to twin girls Lily and Evie 12 weeks earlier, of which Lily weighed 1 pounds 8 ounces (about 680 grams), Evie weighed 1 pounds 3 ounces (about 539 grams). The two babies were born difficult, and even stopped breathing two times on the way. But now the little girl is very healthy. "We have been worried about the coming back of cancer," Marie said. "In these years, we are full of fear." "But now I am full of happiness, Jason is very healthy, we have a happy family, which I never thought of."

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