[practical] in the last few years, can the red okra be able to reduce blood sugar and prevent cancer?

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original title: [practical] in the last few years, can the red okra be able to reduce blood sugar and prevent cancer?


from one that no one knows the vegetables to the restaurant, the market could be seen everywhere, okra has become the most common people on the table of vegetables, even under various pursuit, wearing a , buck anti-cancer various names. So how many of these effects are true and how many of them are blowing?

the first to talk about why the two red okra up, in fact, as a kind of food, Western-style food has been eaten in okra for a long time, but 08 years from the start of the Olympic Games, many foreign athletes eat okra has aroused people's attention, for a time of autumn sunflower as a fresh thing in the domestic, is to try to make all kinds of Chinese delicacy. Vegetable suppliers also saw business opportunities and began to make gokies into the ordinary family table.

it's not hard to understand why there's a way to see the hypoglycemic of the okra everywhere.

in fact, does okra have this effect? Yes, indeed okra glycemic control effect, because the okra contains high dietary fiber , especially its mucus contains a variety of substances such as cellulose and hemicellulose, the edible produce strong satiety in order to alleviate postprandial hyperglycemia speed. In addition, cellulose also promotes stomach and intestines movement and prevents constipation, so the okra is really a good vegetable.

but it only shows suitable for diabetics to eat okra, can eat more does not mean uncontrolled , eat much like blood glucose , after all, okra compared to other foods, just after eating elevated blood sugar speed is not so fast, and there is no hypoglycemic effect. And the nutrients it contains, compared with other vegetables, do not have much advantage.

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From: 【实用】这几年爆红的秋葵到底能不能降低血糖和防治癌症?
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