Alipay red was someone to pull out the wool: Kuangzhuan 1 million 370 thousand

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original title: Alipay Red: someone was to pull out the wool Kuangzhuan 1 million 370 thousand

Christmas is approaching, pay treasure known to everyone took out 1 billion red packets, up to 1215 yuan, and successfully recommended themselves can receive a red envelope.

although many people have received a few bucks of a few dollars for the most of the red envelopes, they are really happy, and no one expects to make a fortune with it.

but we seem to be very good at making good things bad. Network transmission screenshot shows that anyone using the Alipay red activity, crazy earned 1 million 378 thousand, and earned 525 thousand, and still have more than 100 thousand red envelopes are still on the way.

want them to so much wool, single luck and various channels to spread red password also seems to be enough, it is possible that these people spread spam messages that frantically sending text messages, it will have enough people to receive red envelopes, while red envelopes also earn a lot of money.

tiger sniffing network contacted the staff of Alipay, the other is given an announcement in December 18th on the release of the ant payment service, explicitly prohibit the use of spam messages and other ways to promote the destruction of user experience (Hong Bao).

said: "recently, we found that part of the population to promote this function by way of SMS spam, even use the [Alipay] as a signature of spam messages, destroy the user participation experience, also affect the brand image of alipay. We would like to remind you: Alipay does not encourage the excessive promotion of behavior. If a user is harassed by a complaint, such as a complaint, we shall adopt a penalty that is not limited to the disqualification of the activities and the cancellation of all awards. Such as unauthorized use of [Alipay] signature, you need to bear all legal responsibilities arising therefrom."


said, they are seen in December 13th 52.5 yuan red screenshots released after the announcement, and more than 800 of these accounts, but they have to earn money temporarily will not cancel.

is not known when the 1 million 378 thousand yuan super red packet was obtained.

has a comment on the netizens: "this kind of activity tends to become a wicked sports meeting of human nature."

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