The new energy vehicle continues to be exempt from vehicle purchase tax: two technical barriers are raised synchronously

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original title: behind new energy vehicles continue to exempt vehicle purchase tax: two technical barriers to synchronous increase

in December 27th, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Taxation, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of science and technology jointly issued a notice on the exemption of the purchase tax of new energy vehicle vehicles, and announced that from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2020, the purchase of new energy vehicles was exempt from vehicle purchase tax.

is well received by the policy. In December 27th, new energy vehicle stocks such as BYD (002594.SZ, 01211.HK), Zhongtai automobile (000980), Jianghuai Automobile (600418) and so on in Shanghai Shenzhen and Hong Kong market rose linearly. The lithium battery concept unit, the Gan Feng lithium industry (002460) and the lithium energy (300014) in the weft weft, have also risen in sync.

The first edition of

's policy to exempt new energy vehicles from the purchase tax has been implemented since September 1, 2014 and will be closed in December 31st this year.

Zhang Xiang, a

independent automotive analyst, told news that he continued to reduce the purchase tax of new energy vehicles outside the industry. Many car companies had been pessimistic about the country's continued purchase of car subsidies and preferential tax policies.

Said deputy general manager of BYD

sales company Li Yunfei told the surging news reporters, by the end of this year the country has just announced the two vehicle purchase tax exempt from the new energy vehicle directory, if the cancellation policy will be neutral, may be related to the directory again revised, will result in a waste of resources to. At the same time, the continuation of the policy also shows the continued support of the state ministries and commissions to the new energy vehicle industry.

is reported that the new energy vehicle exempt from vehicle purchase tax is being implemented by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the State Administration of taxation by issuing the directory of new energy vehicle models exempt from vehicle purchase tax. The new energy models listed in the catalogue will enjoy the policy. By December 27, 2017, the state has issued fifteen catalogues.


12 19, the Ministry of industry and Commerce has just announced a new batch of new energy vehicle catalog, which is exempt from vehicle purchase tax (fifteenth batches), which contains 25 pure electric / plug-in hybrid passenger cars.

"the core idea of this policy is tax exemption, and the other important intention is to improve the technical requirements of new energy vehicles." An unnamed industry person pointed out to surging journalists that the new policy was an optimization of the previous policy.

surging news noted that the four sector's appendix issued the technical requirements for passenger cars, buses, trucks, special purpose vehicles and fuel cell vehicles that are exempt from purchase tax. For example, the passenger car is limited to the specific parameters such as the maximum speed of 30 minutes, the mass energy density of the battery system and the power consumption of a hundred kilometers.


policy research room of China Automotive Technology Research Center

, the improvement of the technical threshold is mainly reflected in the two indexes of the quality and energy density and energy consumption of the battery system.

"means that 10% of the cars need technical upgrading, and this is still a big effort." The industry said that.

Li Yunfei also pointed out to surging journalists that raising the threshold of technology is very necessary. Let the more reliable products and enterprises enjoy preferential policies to form the survival of the fittest in the market, which will help the healthy development of the whole industry in the long run.

in Zhang Xiang's view, the current state to continue to give preferential fiscal policy is very necessary. "The industry is widely expected in 2018, the new energy vehicles Car Buying subsidies will continue to fall, but the country has a worry is less the purchase tax exemption policy, will have a huge impact on the sales of new energy vehicles."

according to the "energy saving and new energy vehicle industry development plan" (2012-2020 years) issued by the State Council in 2012, by 2020, the production capacity of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles should reach 2 million, and the total sales volume will exceed 5 million.

"from the new deal to the 2020 time node, the state intends to cooperate with tax incentives to achieve the goal of new energy vehicle ownership up to 5 million by 2020. Last year, China's new energy vehicles exceeded 1 million, and this year is expected to increase by 800 thousand vehicles. To achieve the 5 million target, the rest of the time is not much, can be said to be more tense. Zhang Xiang said.


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