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original title: Guangzhou a sanitation woman worker was killed in the early morning cleaning, the suspect hid the body in the corpse! | breakfast in Nandu

2017, December 28th, early.

Guangzhou one sanitation female worker killed

in the early morning cleaning

suspect in the hide cadaver

12 the morning of 23 August, in Shiling Town, Huadu District of Guangzhou City, village, more than 50 year old sanitation worker Zhao Fang (a pseudonym) in the street sweeping by a man of injury death. In the afternoon, the police were not far from the incident - the suspect's rental house found Zhao Fang's body and caught the suspect at the night. According to the family members of the victim, the police revealed that the suspect was killed after drinking a drunken brick with a brick on Zhao Fang's head.

the suspect rented house. Ma Hui, a Nandu journalist,

suspect was arrested by police in the evening

On the 23 day of

12, Hu Bing , who worked in Dongguan, didn't believe this fact: mother Zhao Fang was killed when she cleaned the streets at 4 o'clock in the morning. He hurried from Dongguan to the Huadu to find out what was going on. This year nearly 60 year old mother, and his father Hu Zheng (a pseudonym) in Shiling Town along the village sanitation workers, has been for many years. But when he saw his mother on the last side, he was in December 24, 2017. At that time, Zhao Fang had left the world for a long time, lying in the funeral parlor, with a clear scar on his head.

Hu Bing told reporters in Nandu that the mother was a strange man rented in the village with the fatal injuries, the evening of 23 man has been arrested by the police. Now, the police have set up one family, they are waiting for the next step of the prosecution procedure.

filing letter. Ma Hui, a Nandu journalist,

found the dead clothing

not far away from the bloodstain

yesterday (December 27th), Nandu reporters saw Hu Bing and his father, Hu Zheng, in a small rental house in the village of Suqian village, Qianjin village. Hu Zheng said that he was from Shandong, and his wife Zhao Fang was from Hunan. Zhao Fanglai has been here for ten years. In the past few years, both he and his wife have been working as sanitation workers in the village, the villagers' village is the employer, but they have not signed the contract, and the monthly salary is meager. In rented housing couple hard everyday, responsible for cleaning the road, clean up the garbage.

At 3 a.m. on

23, Hu Zhenghe and Zhao Fang went out from the rental house and began to clean up the morning. Zhao Fang sweeps from one direction, and Hu regularized the other direction to ship the garbage. After second times of garbage, the time had passed for a while, and Zhao Fang didn't join him as usual. Hu Zheng was a little anxious, and he did not find anyone in the direction of Zhao Fang's sweeping. Feeling wrong, he immediately called the others to look for it. More than 4 in the morning, a pair of trousers was found in front of the gate of the village road. Hu was confirmed by Zhao Fang.

then, at about 100 meters, they found a broom that Zhao Fang used, with a lot of blood on the ground. Hu Zheng, aware of the seriousness of the matter, immediately reported to the police. The reporter returned to the incident to see that there were no street lights on the road. There were bricks and a lot of rubbish nearby, and the ground blood had dimmed. There was a row of houses on the side of the incident, and the buildings were monitored, but not in the direction of the incident.

blood from the lane in the alley, and the trench found the hat worn by the dead. Ma Hui, a Nandu journalist,

was found dead in the same village rental

the police investigation, in the afternoon, Zhao Fang's body was found in the village with a rented house. The rental house is only a few tens of meters away from Zhao Fang's usual rental housing, and only a few hundred meters away from the incident.

, according to Hu Zheng's guide, the reporter noticed that the rental housing was found on the road to the corpse found on the road. Several streets also found bloodstains and even obvious traces of movement on the ground. According to the blood on the ground, police found a rental house with a police dog. After the discovery of Zhao Fang's body, the police launched a arrest for suspected men. Hu Bing said the suspect was caught in Foshan's Sanshui in the evening.

neighborhood: the suspect is still downstairs on the day of

, led by Hu Zheng and others, came to the house where the rental house was involved. The rental house is on the 3 floor and is in a closed state. A neighbourhood neighbourhood said the suspect was a more than 40 year old man who didn't know what he had to do. In the afternoon of the day of the incident, the police will take the body from the 3 floor

From: 广州一环卫女工凌晨清扫时遇害,嫌犯藏尸屋中! | 南都早餐
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