92 year old people's people's Congress transfer 1 million swindle? The process of "laugh Chaqi", the very warm heart.

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original title: 92 year old people's people's Congress transfer 1 million was swindled? The process of "laugh Chaqi", the very warm heart,

source: Chinese Youth Daily

just after the 92 birthday of Professor Fang Hanqi of Renmin University of China called journalism historians "masters", he jokes that he is "90". Not long ago, he had won 1 million yuan, and all donated, but when he went to the bank to deal with the transfer procedures, he accidentally made a little misunderstanding.

recently, the famous news historian, Renmin University of China honorary professor level party won the henqi, "Wu Yuzhang humanities and Social Sciences Award for lifetime achievement prize of 1 million yuan donated funds to support the establishment of , news history research, promote the dissemination of the news department of development.

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12 25 afternoon, accompanied by staff in the party hancheer Professor down to the bank counter, signed his name in the transfer order, the official will be 1 million yuan (pre tax) in the "hancheer fund" accounts. In the handling of transfer procedures, but a little misunderstandings.

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" is my student Wang Runze and a staff member of the foundation to accompany me. " Professor Fang Hanqi, laughing with reporters, described what happened:

bank staff heard that the 92 year old man had to turn out such a large sum of money, suspected of being swindled . They separated the escort and asked for communication with the elderly alone.

"they ask, is your son in? Talk to your son in the words. Ha ha ha。 I said, my son is in the United States, and my daughter is not here in Britain. "

looked at the bank staff a "old gentleman certainly cheated" expression, accompanied by the professor to Bank of Renmin University of China School of journalism professor Wang Runze dumbfounding, in the mobile phone the day before the ceremony out of the news, also broadcast live video, plus old to bank staff repeatedly confirmed, only for him to handle business.


's kindness and vigilance are worthy of praise, but at the same time, it shows that there are many cases of Telecom fraud in China, which makes many people remain vigilant. It is the source of the problem that the crime of telecommunications fraud should remain high.

netizen message:

  • Mr. Xiao Song 09: the bank's vigilance is very good, but I'd like to give the old professor a great deal of praise,

  • seven days: the feeling of the bank to do good, but also afraid of the old man had cheated, that's one million, Professor good point of praise for the bank responsible for the point of a praise!

  • name. _45726: I always have a transfer of about two million, banks privately to us is responsible for the financial leadership call, asked if I was embezzlement.

  • - white - Rolfe: ha ha ha ha ha very warm heart oolong.

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award 1 million yuan all donated

2017 in September 28th, Fang hancheer won the sixth "Wu Yuzhang humanities and social science Lifetime Achievement Award", a bonus of 1 million yuan.

"Wu Yuzhang humanities and Social Sciences Lifetime Achievement Award" Wu Yuzhang Fund Committee for the humanities and social sciences made outstanding contributions to the scholars established a special award, first awarded in 2012 .

12 month 24 days, the party hanc won the prize of 1 million yuan donated fund. "Hank fund" set up in Renmin University of China.

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it is understood that the party hancheer fund will square the donation for start-up capital Professor Hench, continued to raise funds for health protection operation, so that the news

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