From 300 to 5000 yuan, the boots are all here!

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original title: from 300 yuan to 5000 yuan, the boots are here!

suddenly saw the little sheep, surprise surprise, not accidental!

had little sheep is good for a month here with you once, but the last shared boots list, too many people asked me in the end there is no new recommendation!! I turned over my own shoe cabinet, heh heh, embarrassed, how to unknowingly buy so many...

so today decided to drill out to take a bubble, give you grilled a steak in my heart must start the boot sector point goods!

the boots recommend prices ranging from hundreds to thousands, but they are all my carefully selected and textured styles, which can meet your needs of fresh wear for a season or classic wear. You can choose according to the budget.

- ZARA -

Price: $300 to $600

the boots issued although the distance for a long time, but until now there are people asking me this pair of red boots in the background of the deadly antecedents. Ladies and gentlemen, in fact, this pair is ZARA (sister-in-law with the same type of btw).

red color + Leather cortex, let the shoes seem inexplicable and significantly advanced, white, blue, black and other colors to wear in winter can take. And seriously, I! From! To! Not so comfortable through the heels all day running.

: about $359


: about $359


- Alexa Chung -

Price: $1000 to $2000

don't say I didn't tell you, these boots collocation that sweater little sheep also has to start, a little odd looking, and is not looking happy, very suitable for holiday season get together.

: about $1500 (after discount price)



Price: $1000 to $2500From: 从300元到5000元,靴子界的尖货都在这里了!
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