Is he the only 1 expressionless anchor after 5 killing?

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original title: he is the only 1 expressionless anchors after 5 killing now?

is he the only 1 expressionless anchors after 5 killing?

mentioned his name, more than ninety percent of the "hero alliance" game player knows, but in the ninety percent game player, he is known to most people, he even became a lot of "hero alliance" game player faith, but his supporters are really few, fewer people live to see him, he is Vincent (De Laiwen).

, if Vincent is the most famous hero League anchor, no one will come to refute it. But it's such a well-known anchors.

Vincent's live data and his popularity are almost ridiculous to describe, because his gold absorption index has not been in the top 15 in recent time, but this is for a reason.

, because Vincent didn't want to give him gifts when he was broadcasting live more than once, because the money that the platform gave him was enough, so the data of sucking gold index is not high.

, but Vincent was also thrown away by other anchors on the barrage index. Many of the most people haven't heard that the anchor can crush Vincent. This is a tragedy.

, if this situation goes on, Vincent is likely to become an angry host. I have to say that this is probably a heroic stranger's business. As his fans, we can only support him silently, which is simply unable to change anything.

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From: 他是唯一1个5杀之后面无表情的主播 如今落得如此地步?
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