The first analyst to cover bitcoin: bitcoin will fall at least four times 40% falls next year

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original title: the first analyst to cover bitcoin: next year bitcoin will fall at least four times 40% declines

is a good seat belt. Bitcoin may stand up to $20000 next year, but it may fall at least four times at a time of 40% or more.

Nick, the first Wall Street to cover bitcoin and track bitcoin for at least four years, is Nick Colas, in the latest report of DataTrek Research of data analysis agency. It is estimated that next year, bitcoin will fluctuate more than this year, and the volatility will be between 6500 US dollars and $22000.

Colas predicts that next year, bitcoin will give more market share to other digital currencies. Although it may rise to 22000 US dollars, it will experience at least four times of 40% or higher fall. In the end, he thought the median forecast of $14035 would be a reasonable price.

trading platform Bitstamp data showed that at the beginning of this year, the price of bitcoin trading had been less than 1000 dollars, and at the end of 10, it had only stood at 6000 yuan, which has risen 19000 dollars this month.

The amazing increase in

is also accompanied by a stunning shock. Before Colas released the forecast, bitcoin has just experienced a round of tumbling and rebounding.

on Friday, spot bitcoin fell more than 40% in 24 hours, breaking from 16000 to 11000 dollars and six passes, falling more than 8000 dollars compared with the historical high last Sunday, and the other digital currencies also collectively collapsed.

but by Tuesday, bitcoin intraday again on the $16000, compared with the low on Friday rose 50%. By the end of the day, the bitcoin fell by about 5% on Wednesday and another $15000.


Wall Street heard earlier, the market people have different views on bitcoin after the market.

some people think that the price of bitcoin may fall back to the actual production cost. At present, the cost of producing a bitcoin is between 3000 and 4000 dollars. Even some people think that the value of bitcoin is zero.

also looks better than special currency. After predicting that bitcoin rose to 10000 dollars a month, at the end of last month, Michael Novogratz, a former Fortress fund manager, predicted that the bitcoin would impact 40000 yuan mark by the end of next year.

Fundstrat co - founder Tom Lee said that the Bobbi slump before the end of the year was a healthy callback. He raised the target price of bitcoin in the middle of next year from $11500 to $20000.

, when bitcoin price is less than 5000 dollars this summer, Lee looks like the prospect of special currency. He is also the first batch of people predicting the price of bitcoin in Wall Street. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 首位覆盖比特币的分析师:明年比特币至少四次40%跌幅崩盘
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