The world's most influential female judge and 6 suggestions for raising her daughter

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original title: the most influential female judge in the world, 6 suggestions for raising daughters,

Ruth Bud Ginsberg was born in 1933, and is currently the chief justice of the United States Supreme Court. She is the second female judge in the Supreme Court of the United States, and the first Jewish female judge. In 2015, Ginsberg was selected as "the 100 most influential people in the world".

", Ginsberg's sons and daughters are also very successful. Her daughter is a professor at Columbia University law school, and her son is the founder and President of Cedille, a classic record company. Ginsberg, based on the experience of his own, daughter and granddaughter, suggested that parents teach her daughter 6 things.

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" 1 ", cultivate children love reading, is the best thing you can give her.

, she thinks, that reading can gain knowledge and shape thinking is the real passport to the world.

Ginsberg was born in a Jewish family in New York, Broolyn's mother, Celia Bud (Celia Bader) and not because Ginsberg is my daughter but neglect of education, often take her to go to the library, to cultivate her love of reading.

Ginsberg said, "mother is one of the smartest people I know, and she has a strong desire to know." always taught me to be elegant, not to be angry, jealous, resentful, and so on. Because these emotions will only consume your energy and waste your time.

when Ginsberg was in high school, her mother struggled against cancer. Finally, she died on the day before Ginsberg's graduation ceremony.

young Ginsberg

two, always remain independent, know who you are

church daughter independence, is Ginsberg's second important advice to parents.

, she said, the society always pulls people in different directions, trying to shape us into roles we don't want to play, so we, especially girls, always know who they are and what they want.

from childhood, mother put the importance of "independence" into Ginsberg's heart.

Ginsberg's mother was an accountant when he was young, and he stopped working after her marriage. Ginsberg said her parents later thought that if her mother could continue to work, she would feel more satisfied with life.

, so Ginsberg's mother hoped that her daughter could find her prince charming, but she hoped that she would remain independent under any circumstances.

1956, Ginsberg graduated from Cornell University 2 years later, he entered Harvard Law School. At that time, there were only 9 girls in 500 students.

photo of Ginsberg and School of law classmates


finally, she got a degree in law with a first grade honor and became the first woman to edit as the editor of the two major legal reviews (Harvard Law Review and Columbia law review).