After this, you know how the supermodel is over the winter.

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original title: after reading this, you know how the supermodel is in the winter.

good girls in the evening good

I'm your crystal girl Xu teacher Xu

there have been a lot of fairy maiden in the backstage.

ask what what kind of coat should be bought?

all kinds of overcoats problem

feel that I can't talk to you about


background may be bombed by you in

in the heart, you really want to be lazy and pretend to be blind to

actually, the coat, although there will be new pattern

every year

can be taken out and fry again and again in fact

that is just a few of these days to say

basically, you can live in the winter of

its garment is straight tube type, that is, H's direct sense

with a very clear shoulder line, no waist design

believe that the fairy will not be unfamiliar with

it has a lot of star fans, cousin Liu Wen loves to wear its

style= "drape strong or Mens Size

cousin has to offer it a buyer's show

although it is basic, but it can also play

> often you can see a lot of

on it.

added all

it is a little more old school accent

From: 看完这篇你就知道,超模究竟是怎么过冬的…
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