The Housing Department official wrote: "what's the next step in the housing system?"

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original title: the Ministry of housing officials wrote: how to change the next step in the housing system is here

Abstract: to encourage the leasing market development, it should reduce the rental housing tax merge; for the suppression of real behavior, we should increase the cost of repeated transactions; to revitalize the stock to curb investment, should integrate and optimize the real estate tax system, increase the housing tenure tax burden.

after a long period of efforts, socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. The main contradiction of our society has been transformed into the contradiction between the growing demand for better life and the unbalanced development of the people. The main social contradiction changes require us to focus on quality and make up the short board in the development. In the housing development, is to deepen the reform of the housing system, in accordance with the central economic work conference requirements, accelerate the establishment of multi agent supply, multi-channel support, and hire purchase housing system. The housing leasing market, especially the long term lease, will be developed to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the leasehold stakeholders and support the development of specialized and institutionalized Housing leasing enterprises. We should improve the long-term mechanism of promoting the steady and healthy development of the real estate market, maintain the continuity and stability of the real estate market regulation policies, distinguish the central and local powers, and carry out differentiated regulation.

To deepen the housing system reform,

needs to focus on "housing is for housing, not for frying", and to establish long-term mechanism for healthy development of the real estate market, so as to achieve the goal of all people living together. The corresponding policy should catch two key words: one is "live", the other is "stir fry". The former should "promote living and guarantee basic", while the latter should "restrain speculation and invest". To promote the living, protect the basic living is to clear the priority, the priority to people's livelihood policy orientation, namely: self priority, new citizen priority, low income, improve the security priority priority, building a sound housing supply system from the supply side, not fully solve the problem of housing development; restraining speculation, open investment, is to implement the central government's attention to restrain asset bubbles and prevent economic and financial risks "and around the housing supply system and improve the supporting policies, resolutely curb speculative real estate, from the demand side to solve the housing problem of unbalanced.

improve the housing supply system


housing supply system is the core of the housing system. In 1998 the State Council the "Circular" on the further deepening of the reform of the urban housing system to speed up housing construction documents as an important symbol, in accordance with the establishment of socialism market economic system, and gradually promote housing commercialization, socialization, the welfare housing distribution to solve the housing change through the market, the real estate market initially formed, the commodity housing market has gotten rapid development by 2016, the national urban per capita housing area of 36 square meters, the urban housing level increase rapidly. In particular, since 2013, in accordance with the general secretary Xi Jinping on speeding up the establishment of a unified, standardized, mature and stable housing supply system "instructions, at all levels of government attaches great importance to the difficulties of the masses of the housing security, vigorously shantytowns, rectify and regulate market order, the government to provide basic security based, market-oriented to meet the housing supply establish the basic system of multi-level demand. At present, the total amount of housing basically solved the problem, the average reached 1 suites, the quality of housing has increased dramatically, but the housing structural problems still outstanding, some residents especially new public housing needs are not well satisfied, therefore, especially the need to further improve the housing supply system covering all the needs of the residents.

The improvement of the housing supply system in

requires the transition of housing supply from the past "dichotomy" to the "three point law". Namely: in the residents' income and prices contradiction of city housing supply from the past security and market "dichotomy" to protect, support and market "three parts", between housing supply and market supply increase policy support of common property housing, meet the first home of the "sandwich layer" housing demand. The final form of government (or units) with the property rights of public rental housing, the government and individuals jointly owned property common property rights and private housing have full ownership of private housing, consisting of connected covers all urban residents of the housing supply system, at the same time, the housing supply system based on the corresponding policies, social stability is expected to promote the healthy development of the real estate market, to achieve the "housing" housing target.

to meet the housing needs of the new citizens to focus on the realization of multi-channel guarantee. After years of efforts, the housing security of our country has made great achievements, and the local household registered residents in accordance with the guarantee conditions have basically realized the guarantee. But in contrast with the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way and achieving the goal of living for all people, housing security needs to continue efforts to expand coverage, enrich the ways of guarantee and fine management. Stepped through the housing security, the policy extended to non permanent residents to meet certain conditions, have the ability to promote stable employment and living in the town of agricultural population transfer family settled in the city, in support of the basic housing needs of labor concentrated enterprises to solve the housing workers, and into the public rental housing management; improve the housing conditions of low-income groups through the transformation of shanty towns; based on physical security, improve the monetary security, through the payment of rent subsidies and other forms to protect the object, enhance the qualified security object rent payment ability; improve the credit

From: 住建部官员撰文:住房制度下一步怎么改都在这里
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