The final price of the final price window in 2017

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Xinhua Beijing, December 26, (reporter Dong Shishan) during the valuation period, international oil prices rose or fell, due to the fact that Beihai's oil pipeline continued to shut down, crude oil inventories in the US dropped sharply and the US dollar index dropped. Xinhua news agency estimated oil price system data show that in this period, the positive rate of change of crude oil basket price fluctuation rate has widened, currently, 28 December last year the price adjustment window opens, the domestic refined oil prices increase slightly the possibility of relatively large, expected per liter increase in the range of 0.05 yuan.

The closure of the

Beihai Fortis pipeline continues to support international oil prices, particularly the Brent crude oil futures price. In December 22nd, Brent crude oil futures closed at $65.25 a barrel for the first time since June 2015 to stand up to $65 / barrel. The latest news says the Fotis oil pipeline is expected to restart early next year, and oil prices are expected to step back after the pipeline is reopened.

since the end of November the producers continue to extend the production agreement "boots" after landing, the crude oil market trends to become the focus of investors. At present, US crude oil production continues to climb to close to 9 million 800 thousand barrels per day, becoming one of the most important factor in oil prices. However, Beck Hughes Co data showed that in the week of December 15th, the number of American active drilling rig decreased by 4 to 747, the first decline in 6 weeks. After December 22nd, the number of drilling rig was flat at 747, which played a supporting role in oil price. In addition, the ultra - expected drop in US crude oil stock and the fall of the dollar index after the Fed raise interest rates also push oil prices to moderate.

The data released by the

Xinhua oil price system showed that the rate of change in crude oil was opened at a small positive value of 0.24% during the valuation period and was then widened slightly. Because of the Christmas holiday, the international crude oil futures market has no settlement price in December 25th, and the average price change rate of a package of crude oil is equal to 1.51% in December 22nd. It is estimated that when oil price adjustment window opens at 24 December 28th, the price of finished oil will probably rise to a slight increase of 50-70 yuan per ton, which is equivalent to 92# gasoline up to 0.04-0.05 yuan per liter, and 0# diesel up to 0.04-0.06 yuan per liter. However, if the international oil price in the next two days is marked back, it will not exclude the possibility that the oil price adjustment will be stranded again.

as of now, the domestic oil price has gone through "ten rise, six fall, eight stranded" this year, and gasoline and diesel oil increased by 365 yuan and 350 yuan per ton respectively. The price of 92# gasoline and 0# diesel increased by 0.28 yuan and 0.30 yuan per liter respectively.

The wholesale market of

rose to a high level. The demand for diesel oil was further reduced due to the drop in temperature. Gasoline demand was boosted by the approaching of the new year's holiday. The recent decline in diesel is obviously greater than that in gasoline, and the earlier stage of the "strong steam and weak steam" pattern is reversed.

issued jointly by the Xinhua News Agency China economic news agency, Chinese Economic Research Institute of petroleum, oil and natural gas in Shanghai trading center China gasoline and diesel wholesale price index shows that in December 25th, the national 92# gasoline and diesel oil (including low pour point) the average wholesale price was 6900 yuan / ton, 6762 yuan / ton, compared with December 15th (the last round of retail price adjustment stranded after the first working day) fell 51 yuan / ton, 272 yuan / ton.

looking ahead, a UN analyst Wang Yanting believes that in the short term, the international crude oil is still the continuation of the current round of rangebound, raised the retail price greater probability, but the range is limited, difficult to have significant support for the later oil market. Diesel, from the demand perspective, the current diesel has entered the traditional off-season demand, and this year shut down production downstream phenomenon more difficult to increase the market consumption; from the supply perspective, the current main and local refinery maintenance less market resources supply is more abundant; from the market, the overall price of diesel is still relatively high, so the downstream single procurement intention is not high, the diesel market environment in the short term is still bearish. In terms of gasoline, taking into account the small holiday approaching new year's day, the increase of private cars will lead to a portion of gasoline consumption. Gasoline shipments will be slightly improved, and the overall price will remain strong.

Author: Dong Shishan

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