It's been thrown away for so many years! Put this in the pillow, not the pain in the cervical spine, and the sleeps all night.

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original title: all these years have been thrown away! Put this in the pillow, no pain in the cervical spine, a sleeps all night,

after eating oranges,

do you throw out the orange peel?

tell you today,

orange peel can not be lost, the use is big!


using orange peel to make pillows not only dredge the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular effects, but also relieve the symptoms of hypertension. The fresh taste of orange peel can also help sleep.


orange peel as a pillow, there is a magic effect of


helps prevent

from cerebral infarction

Orange Peel pillow can accelerate the blood circulation of the human brain, alleviate the aging and stiffness of the blood vessels, and has certain preventive effect on cerebral infarction.

heat Quhuo, Buck

orange peel after sun drying, pillows can clear away heat and diminish inflammation. It has a good relieving effect on those who are overheated in the body. Long-term use can reduce the incidence of various kinds of symptoms of excessive heat.


calm calm, help sleep

sedative is orange skin pillow important effect, orange peel has a lot of natural essential oils, made after the pillow is more pleasant fragrance, can breathe through human essential oil into the human body, so as to adjust the nerve and the town of Jingan God's role, alleviate the effect the insomnia and neurasthenia of human.


made a cylinder, and the cervical problem solved

dried orange peel itself has a certain degree of hardness, the pillow can support up to help restore the normal physiological curvature of the cervical vertebrae, rather than a limp, press it down. And this hardness is not strong, can play the role of massage, and do not worry about the injury to the cervical spine.

How do such a good orange peel pillow do?


production method:

Orange Peel on clean paper, and put it in the sun for half dry, cut the orange peel into thin silk or diced. Put the dried orange peel in the pillowcase,


1, orange peel is not easy to cut before sun exposure, too dry and shredded, so the semi dry state is the best.

2, preferably on the cardboard or on the cloth, can be breathable, and also wet. Don't put it on a plastic cloth. It's easy to get the tide, and it's not breathable.

3, pillowcase materials to choose a large density of cloth, to prevent a long time, orange peel will leak.

4" and "orange peel" will become damp and mouldy indoors for a long time. The orange peel at that time will not have these functions, so we need to clean up and replace them in time.


a piece of orange peel is comparable to 7 flavors of traditional Chinese medicine

when people finish eating oranges, they usually throw out the orange peel. In fact, you are too wasteful, this "waste" is actually baby! Not only can make the pillow to help you sleep, there are many magical.


1. relieved car sickness

1 hours before getting on the train, fresh orange peel is made into two layers, and it is aligned to the nostrils, squeezing orange peel with fingers. There are numerous small citrus oil mist sprayed in the skin and inhaled through the nostrils. Keep pressing and inhaling at any time after getting on the car, which can effectively prevent or relieve the car sickness.


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