The notorious Thailand industry! There are no eggs for many times.

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original title: the notorious Thailand industry! There are no eggs for many times.

2017, a video spread on Facebook.

a staff member of a zoo in Thailand, in order to let tourists take pictures of the tiger's mouth growling,

since the video was uploaded on Monday, millions of people have been watched. The picture shows that a tiger with a chain on its neck is lying on the side of a zoo in Pattaya. Tourists take turns to take photos with it, and some even sit on its back. One side of the zoo employee kept poking the tiger's cheek with sticks, stimulating the tiger to open his mouth and roaring, so that the tourists could catch the wonderful lens.

video recorded and uploaded to Facebook's Thailand wild animal friends of the foundation's founder, in the post, he said: "the tiger all day by day stamp, hundreds of times, in order to let it roar, let visitors take photos." This video once again aroused criticism of Thailand's notorious animal tourism industry .

in Thailand, as long as you wish to pay, visitors can experience the activities of Riding Elephants, catching monkeys, touching tigers and so on. can play the temptation of self timer with animals, and the consumption ability of tourists, and promote the development of Thailand's lucrative but controversial wildlife tourism industry. Animal rights organizations have long criticized the industry as inhumane, because operators usually keep animals in a narrow place, giving animal diet and veterinary care too much.

million years fossil garden and Pattaya crocodile lake on the official website shows that white tigers, bears, camels, deer and other are placed in outdoor rare fowls and strange animals in captivity photos. The official website publicity park every day special program, the content is a person with bare-handed alligator. Wicket media: "we think that the activity of self portraits of wild animals should be completely stopped." He added that such activities are also risky for humans. "Hundreds of people are bitten or scratched in a similar situation every year."

in 2016, Thailand became an international headline after the police attacked its notorious Tiger Temple. The Tiger Temple belonging to tourist attractions is suspected to be associated with illegal wildlife trade. Western music star Rihanna (Rihanna) in Phuket Island in 2013 with a slow loris (slow loris) self photos, also inadvertently highlights the illegal trade in other booming.

earlier this month, American Boxer Floyd Mayweather (Floyd Mayweather) to visit Phuket Island, uploaded on Instagram he stood in an elephant on the back of the photo, his behavior is the passive right critics. in fact, anyone who goes to Thailand to ride an elephant or to contact an animal that is not treated well will be criticized by public opinion.

recently in Thailand, a scenic spot in Pattaya, because domesticated elephants will kill Chinese Ji suddenly out of control stampede raise a Babel of criticism of the news spread, caused by the parties concerned.

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