For more than 130 years, the hot pot shop tasted the taste of the hot pot that the Qing emperor had eaten.

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does not eat hot pot in winter, is it also called winter? Although the enthusiasm of Sichuan people love to eat the hot summer Hot pot, but for the people in the south, now run northeast tourism, we would like to try this Hot pot flavor, especially the emperor had Hot pot.

has a Manchu hotpot restaurant over 130 years in the Manchu town of Jilin. It is said that the Manchu chafing dish used to be the imperial chafing dish of the Qing emperors. It originated in the town of Jilin, so the hot pot is also known as the "uran Manchu hotpot".

, the URA Manchu hot pot is also a traditional food that has been popular in the northeast of China, flourishing in Jilin URA street. But for its origin, there are three versions, one said to be derived from Galerkin era, one thousand years ago, lives in the northeast area of the fishing and hunting nationality hunting birds, fish and plants with ceramic pot or mud pot stew, formed the prototype of Hot pot.

second is the Jurchen army and the expedition, a military diet is prevalent, on a shelf, put a big iron pot, add water, the wild boar flesh sliced cooked instant, then gradually evolved into the Manchu Hot pot.

third is originated in the Qian Long period of the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qian Long is especially fond of Hot pot, he passed Jilin province and southern tour, local officials have a great time to eat Hot pot tribute, Hot pot into a noble fashion.

but the third statements are now more popular in URA street in Jilin.

, of course, is no longer the Manchu emperor Ural Hot pot to eat the Hot pot, ordinary people can also enjoy the emperor to eat what is the taste of Hot pot. When entering the courtyard of Jia Jia restaurant in Feng Jiyuan garden, a huge chafing dish is sitting in front of us. It's amazing. I can't help feeling that the hot pot eaten by the Qing emperors is so huge.

is like a symbol of the emperor. The history of the Ulan Manchu chafing pot has been very long, and this Jia Jia chafing pot has been established for more than 130 years, which has been established in the Qing Dynasty, and has been inherited to the present. The founder of Jia Fu and Hot pot shop has called on Beijing to the Qing imperial kitchen cooking ural heritage Manchu Hot pot technology.

can be seen, now we eat the Ulan Manchu chafing pot is that of the emperor of the Qing Dynasty. As a result, the ancient hot pot restaurant has attracted numerous visitors, including more than 30 countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, almost five continents. In addition to CCTV had come to this documentary, even the Canadian television especially. So I expect this chafing dish more, not only because I have never eaten the hot pot of Ulan Manchu, but also want to eat the same delicious food with the Qing emperors, so I am so excited to explode.

, since the URA mango pot is a noble hot pot, the pot must be very simple. Generally speaking, the copper pot + Cloisonne is the standard of the wal chafing dish. Generally, a cloisonne waffle chafing dish is counterfeit at about 3000, which is just a genuine aristocratic chafing dish. But cloisonn used to be more expensive in the past, especially in the cloisonne era, but in the late Qing Dynasty, when Cloisonne fell into the civilian population, people used the cloisonne ware. But the hot pot we eat at Jia Jia's hot pot is copper, but not cloisonne.

The soup is usually

ural Manchu Hot pot with chicken soup for soup, but it will also adopt the pig good bone, bovine bone rod lasted for 4-5 hours to boil into the original soup, do not add any seasoning, keep the soup mellow delicious.

will add ginseng, Gastrodia elata, i.

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