Don't throw egg shell, to solve these problems with it, would you be startled at

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original title: don't throw egg shell, to solve these problems with it, would you be startled at

do you throw the egg shell away if you finish the egg? Today, the small editor to tell you, the egg shell must not be thrown, the use of it can be bigger!

cleaning rag

's house is often greasy and greasy, and there is a bad smell. Now teach you to use egg shell to clean the rag, without hand washing can also be instantly clean!

pour water into the pot, put in a rags and egg shell, and boil for about 5 minutes.


pulled out the rag, and the oil was removed! Then rinse with cool water, and then put it in a ventilated place to dry it, so that the bacteria will not grow.

There is a layer of egg white on the inner wall of the

egg shell. It contains a protease that has a strong cleaning ability.

white clothes

clothes are dyed with a variety of difficult stains, washing clothes are not clean, then let the egg shell to help you laundry.


put the egg shell crumb, take silk stockings or thin clothes, then put out 5 minutes after the hot tub.


then put the dirty clothes in the water and soak a bubble, wash it, and the clothes become white as new!

yellow vest, shirt with this to wash, absolutely effective, not hurt clothes!

elimination of scale

hot water bottle, the kettle, these things will be filled with a thick layer of dirt for a long time, hard to remove.

put the egg shell crumb, into the hot water bottle, then add a little water, and then cover up and shake for 2 minutes.


open the lid, and the scale has been knocked down by the egg shell!


if it's a kettle, it's more simple!

".Add water in the

kettle, put egg shells, boil it two times, and make a new kettle on your horse.

removes blackhead

can you turn a blind eye to the nose blackhead shocking position? Come and learn the egg film to go to the black head.


cleansing, use hot towels to apply the nose to open the pores fully. The egg membrane attached to the inner wall of the egg shell was tearing down carefully and clinging to the nose. Wait 5 minutes after the tear, again to clean the face, you'll see your lovely nose!


should be aware: it must be a rigid egg shell, so that the egg film inside is sticky.

culture flower

put egg shells covered with egg white into the water and then water them with water soaked with eggshells. The calcium and phosphorus in the egg shell are the most favorite fertilizer of the plant. The plant absorbs it, and the longer the better. Another way is to put egg shells directly into a flowerpot, not only to moisturize the soil, but to provide food for the plants.


drives ant

if your home in the corner often ants, no pesticides, a little egg shell can help you solve!