Let's go home after Christmas. Love yourself with the 12 happiest little things!

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original title: go home after Christmas. Love yourself with the 12 happiest little things!

the night wind, the winter is here. It seems from the southeast northwest winds are concentrated on my feet, dry cold ferocious, although there is a heating shelter, but still trembling.

so, the happiest thing in the winter, probably these bar


wrap the body in the warm coat

big and sweet hot chestnut

hot gas

out of the glass.

> to draw a big heart or his name

and 35 friends in a warm home

set up hot pot, warm a pot of yellow wine, a cup of


by the sun every morning

lazily sunning the sun with cats and dogs

trampled on the full snow, creaking sound

leave a string of footprints

and favorite portrait was like snowball snowball heap

in the final analysis, the happiest word in winter is one word: body to warm, the heart is also warm

:" love yourself! !

! "

some people say that my salary a month, for the house, car, children, and elderly in need of care, busy work, work tired, need to assume too much responsibility, no time to time, to spare no money, which has the energy and money to love yourself?

do you have to spoil yourself every day SPA fitness, every day sunshine beach, every day luxury goods?


love yourself is a kind of life attitude.

a cup of coffee, a bottle of perfume, a rose, a piece of cake, a mask.

does it take a lot of money? Do you need a lot of energy to do it? No need.

so this winter, with these little things better to love yourself to be happy and happy to meet the new 2018!

has a bottle of gentle face cream

From: 圣诞节约完会就回家吧!用最幸福的12件小事来宠爱自己!
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