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osteoporosis is a common problem in the elderly.

currently, the WHO has combined osteoporosis with diabetes and cardiovascular disease as the three major killer of middle-aged and elderly people.

data show that:

's Chinese osteoporosis white paper points out that at least 69 million 440 thousand people in China are suffering from osteoporosis, and 210 million of them are below the normal level, which is at risk of osteoporosis.

the prevalence rate of osteoporosis in people over 50 years old is 1 in every 5 women, and 1 in every 7 men. The prevalence rate above 60 years of age was significantly higher, and women were more prominent.

is clinically found to be younger in recent years, and people aged 20 to 30 have osteoporosis.


how is osteoporosis?


bone is a living tissue, and as the age increases, the bones grow slowly, just as the trees appear to be empty as the age of the tree increases. Osteoporosis is the manifestation of bone aging, which is clinically known as primary osteoporosis.

inside the normal skeleton system, there are many small holes in it. This is a reasonable structure that is light and strong. And the internal photos of the old skeletal system, the hole has become bigger, like the worm, almost the pores and holes, this is osteoporosis.

there is a call to the secondary osteoporosis, it is due to some diseases, medication or as a result of reduced activity, can usually find a clear reason, such as hyperparathyroidism, vitamin D deficiency, multiple myeloma, oral anticancer drugs, chronic renal insufficiency, long-term use of hormone.


happens once every 3 seconds

osteoporotic fracture

osteoporosis is often regarded as a "silent" disease. Its early symptoms are not obvious. Some people will suffer from muscle soreness, leg cramps and leg weakness. is mainly caused by lack of calcium. Many patients are found to have osteoporosis after an examination of the fracture, and there are often no pain or other signs before the fracture.

the most serious consequence of osteoporosis is fracture. Data from the International Osteoporosis Foundation show that a bone fracture occurs every 3 seconds of the world.

studies have shown that the risk of osteoporotic fractures in women's life is 40%, and the risk of osteoporotic fractures in men's life is 13%.

Once fracture happens in

, especially hip fracture, patients often lose their self-care ability. is easy to induce multiple infections, thrombosis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, resulting in lifelong disability and even life-threatening . Data show that the occurrence of hip fracture in 1 years, there will be 20% of the patients died of various complications, the remaining survivors, about 50% will be disabled.


9 people are prone to osteoporosis

these people are the focus of osteoporosis.



The probability of

osteoporosis will increase gradually as the age increases.


low weight people

people who have too little weight should go to the hospital in time to measure bone density and prevent osteoporosis as early as possible.

health reminder


elderly women are at high risk of osteoporosis.


slimming people

overeating can lead to the lack of protein and calcium in the body, which can lead to osteoporosis for a long time.


people who do not love sports and sunshine,

osteoporosis can also be left out. If you drink milk every day to eat calcium in bed, no exercise, bone is not possible, so will osteoporosis. However, insufficient sunshine and insufficient ultraviolet radiation will not be enough to transform enough vitamin D, and lack of vitamin D. No more calcium can be absorbed by the body, and the bone will be loose.


people who drink coffee and carbonated drinks over

research found that daily 3 cups of coffee adult bone mass will be significantly reduced, while carbonic acid will reduce milk intake and inhibit calcium absorption.


drunken people

alcohol inhibits the normal metabolism of bone cells, and the damaged bone is greater than the shape of bone.

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