Seafood Curry Rice, easy to eat, delicious and appetizing

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original title: Seafood Curry Rice, easy to eat and delicious and appetizer

was out to dinner a few days ago, and there were no seats in three places. Fortunately, the two treasures are also obedient, and it is also very happy to go home and cook a pot of porridge. I think after not too embarrassed, so he asked the Dabao what to eat? Dabao said that it was supposed to have some curry or food that day. Good mother properly in the past few days I will give him a copy of the material enough at home rich Seafood Curry first.

actually calculate in this house, four large Seafood Curry did not spend some money. The family all eat full, and do not have to wait for the seat, the next Festival won't go out for the next holiday.

ready to use the ingredients, with the original curry, taste very moderate, the children like it.

the potatoes and carrots peeled the knife over the water reserve, mini electric skillet add water to boil.

the water in the pot, the soaked potato and carrot saucepan, cooked until well done.

shrimps the shrimps to the shell, the squid and the scalpel, then salted with fine salt, and then wash it.

when the potatoes are cooked, the bathing seafood will be made in the pan.

then cooks the curry and cooks one side and toss it until the curry is melted.

thick soup, then pepper Ding the pot decorate.

such a taste of Seafood Curry is finished.

put rice in a bowl and buckle it on the plate. Don't take the bowl off.

put the Seafood Curry on the edge, then the bowl is removed, so the beautiful Seafood Curry Rice is finished.

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From: 海鲜咖喱饭,做的简单吃的又香又开胃
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