The minimum daily limit of 500 yuan will be limited by April 1st next year

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original title: in April 1st next year, the minimum daily limit of payment will be 500 yuan

barcode pays farewell "unlicensed driving" scavenging payment to limit the line of attack to

two-dimensional code payment supervision, the central bank issued a new rule of bar code payment, it is clear that payment institutions must provide licensed services for bar code payment services, and the bar code payment amount will be classified and managed by


by Alipay, WeChat and other application of sweep yards payment, will officially usher in the limit. The central bank's official website yesterday issued the notice of the people's Bank of China on Issuing <, bar code payment business standard (Trial) >, supporting the issuance of relevant technical specifications, and managing from multiple angles, such as quota and risk prevention.

The new rule of

bar code payment is clear, the payment institution must provide the bar code payment service, the licensed business shall be licensed, and the bar code payment amount shall be classified and managed. The new regulation shall be implemented from April 1, 2018.

is divided into four levels according to the risk, and the quota management

is takenOne of the key points of the

new regulation is to emphasize the business qualification requirements. Clear payment institutions to provide payment services based on the bar code, should get the online payment business license; Payment institutions entities merchants and online merchants provide barcode payment acquiring services, shall be respectively to obtain bank card acquiring business license and online payment business license.

According to the new regulation of

, banks and Payment institutions should carry out quota management on the bar code payment business of individual customers according to the grading of bar code payment safety technology (Trial Implementation) (Yb 2017 [242]) on risk prevention capability.

is specific: the ability to prevent risks is at a level, that is, the two categories or more effective elements, including digital certificates or electronic signatures, can be used to verify transactions. It can independently agree on a single day cumulative limit with customers through agreements.

's risk prevention capability reaches B level, that is, the two categories (including or above) effective elements excluding digital certificates or electronic signatures are used to verify transactions. The cumulative transaction amount of a single client's bank account or all payment accounts should not exceed 5000 yuan per day.

's risk prevention capability reaches C level, that is, it uses less than two elements to verify the transaction. The cumulative transaction volume of a single client's single bank account or all payment accounts should not exceed 1000 yuan per day.

and risk prevention capability is D level, that is, using static barcode, the total transaction amount of a single client's bank account or all payment accounts should not exceed 500 yuan.

static barcode is now considered to be one of the most risky areas of payment. In addition to the quota management, the new regulations also put forward a series of preventive measures of risk include: static barcode bar code should be static server encryption requirements static barcode generation, display medium should be placed in the merchant cashier in sight, businesses should regularly check, medium static barcode with protective cover physical protection means to avoid being covered or replace.

this specification divides barcode payment into payment scavenging and receivable scavenging. "Payment scan code" refers to the payer by mobile phone, Pad and other mobile terminal to read the payee display bar code to complete the payment behavior, the user is active scan code payment, commonly known as the "main sweep"; "payment scan code" refers to the recipient mobile terminal display by reading the complete collection of the bar code on the user behavior. Passive scan code payment, commonly known as "swept".

China Academy of Finance researcher pay liquidation Research Center Zhao Yao believes that the pilot application in earlier, barcode payment risk and user financial losses occurred in the "sweep", especially "sweep" static barcode, "standard" to limit the static scan code limits and to regulate banks, Payment institutions to carry out payment scan code service specific behavior and risk control measures and ask them to provide customers damaged the interests of settlement mechanism specific terms, and actively guide the payer "sweep" after encryption and set the validity period (usually a one-time dynamic bar code, bar code) will be a large amount of receivables businesses also lead to "behavior was swept up.

Zhao Yao believes that the "specification" is a "driver's license" for barcode payment. The new regulations of the central bank allow barcode payment to bid farewell to "unlicensed driving" and "dangerous driving".

security risk considerations, two-dimensional code payment has been suspended

barcode payment experiences "in 2011, the central bank agreed to striking one snag after another:" part of the non bank payment institutions (hereinafter referred to as payment institutions) in the limited scene in the pilot barcode payment services, and puts forward the requirements of strict risk management. In 2014, before establishing an effective security measures, unified business rules and consumer rights protection system under the background of partial payment institutions continued to take subsidies widely barcode payment services, the people's Bank to suspend the line barcode payment of its regulatory measures.

in the next period of time, with Alipay, caifutong as the representative of the two-dimensional code Payment institutions through the transformation process (such as scan code from user to user and merchant business Saul) etc., did not give up to seize the two-dimensional code payment market; and the large subsidies in the Internet giant, two-dimensional code payment is known for.

central bank concerned

From: 明年4月1日起扫码付款将限额 最低单日限额500元
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