The pain of Zhang Han! Getting more beautiful nuozha even I want to marry

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original title: heart pain Zhang Han! Getting more beautiful nuozha even I want to marry

2017 years we are still immersed in the festive atmosphere of Christmas, Zhang Han studio, studio nuozha have both issued a statement, said Zhang tie Hannah have peaceful break, the reason is the external pressure and work together from many, after three years together, so sad


nuozha studio issued a statement in less than a minute later, Zhang Han studio also subsequently announced their breakup.

2015 August 9th, Zhang Han discloses in micro-blog and nuozha. Before the announcement of love, the two people's feelings were always the topic. When Zhang Han announced his love with this sweet kiss, it caused a great sensation.

subsequently nuozha also long "he is really good", which describes in detail two people to love the process from acquaintance.

can see that the original two is indeed a serious love, Zhang Han is the little princess called nuozha in the program also told the staff to take care of her, this Chongni is unable to hide, perhaps really like the statement said is because together from many, since love everything is worth it, Phoenix will take you a brief review.

since the publication of the affair after two people in micro-blog frequently interact with micro-blog pictures nuozha Zhang Han birthday with 9 photo of the two men, and Zhang Han for her efforts nuozha cheer, hope we can be recognized.

wear a sweetheart date together.

travel together like to take pictures of beep beak.

a cooperative TV show to attend the conference.

and often hand in hand at the airport to be taken.