Let Edison Chan Quan Zhilong hurt the trendy secret of the bone, the man knows most

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original title: let Edison Chan Quan Zhilong ache to the bone in the fashion secret, the man most understand

next year, H& M will launch a new brand named Nyden. The brand will take the way of cooperation with KOL and promote the limited payment. There are 1 million 300 thousand fans tattoo division, Doctor Woo and Swedish actress Noomi Rapace on Instagram.

Dr.Woo is a tattoo sign in Hollywood. When you get the tattoo in Hollywood, you need to go to Shamrock Social Club. This is a well-known tattoo museum is located in Hollywood, Sunset Strip, and Dr. Woo is one of the most popular tattoo artist, his works because perplexing details and textures make people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory.

he could put the dog on his finger, put the hummingbird in the back of the ear, and put the Mickey Mouse on the wrist.

by word of mouth burst table, add Ins to attract a large number of fans, Dr.Woo's appointment has lined up around the guests. There are men, Edison Chan, Shawn Yue and Quan Zhilong.

Shawn Yue said: a lot of people ask why suddenly tattoos? In fact, all the time want to stab, the body of the patterns are commemorative, memorable things are not good or not good, is a very personal thing!

6 put 666 lines on the big arm of the left hand. Whether his Instagram's ID name, or the license plate number, is 666. He said in the program that 6 Cantonese is the meaning of music. It seems that the number represents his own ~

Edison Chan and Dr.Woo are private friends. They have collaborated on a Pop Up Store on the tattoo. Is the coconut tree on the heel on the back of the eye?

Korean male god GD is from Dr to.Woo of the tattoo. GD a thorn on the inside of the arm grips with Jesus like a pistol.

a lot of tattoos of the fashion blogger Chiara ferragni are from the hands of Dr.Woo.

> such as the "map -trotter" tattoo on the fashion of the cosmos arm.

Dr Woo stands on the top of the industry in just seven years. He also has a happy family, not only to show his own works on INS, but also to show his family - he has two cute little babies, ~