Faye Wong quilt jacket have qualified successors! Jiani Zhang is covered with blue cotton. Where is the cuff?

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original title: Faye Wong quilt jacket have qualified successors! Jiani Zhang is wrapped in a blue cotton quilt. Where's the cuff,

recently, Qiong Yao girl Jiani Zhang at the airport, she below ball head, wearing a black sweater coat a blue quilt jacket, style can be very novel, very style.

forgive me that I still didn't understand the right way to open the "quilt" down clothes after I looked at the photo. Don't wear the semi exposed arm is this winter fashion?

recently said, is a "Qiong Yao girl" Jiani Zhang, is called the forefront of fashion wear related characters...... In domestic down street also Zhuangshan Lady Gaga, which shows the vision of how the international range of children.

would say that it is becoming more and more surprising that the women are dressed up in winter. Now there is Jiani Zhang's quilt down jacket, and Xu Qing's orange cotton was set out earlier...

is joking about the first person to play the "quilt" out of the street, and it's a "Queen" Faye Wong. Like the original Faye Wong body MMM X H& M cool down at the airport, but shocked many people.

days after the day, even if it is plain Yan, even if it is wrapped in "cotton quilt", even the ordinary people can not understand her aesthetic, but how! Winter is coming, it is still vital to save life...

said the new type of down jacket, and I thought of Jolin...... Not long ago, coming out of the airport Jolin, wearing Versace jacket pants collocation boots, that's pretty cool.

See this photo

"separation" down ~ have to say the designer's ideas is really clever, first out it was cool, then it does not affect the foot, it is important to the body cover when cold.

of course, in my aesthetic, this Fenty x Puma was a new jacket. After all, the first of my senses is put on the body of cannon...... And this "cannon" jacket also won the Jolin and Liu Wen two people of all ages......

said so much, who do you think the down jacket is the most novel?

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