Qian Bao network CEO Zhang Xiaolei surrender to the public security organs for alleged offenses

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original title: Qian Bao network CEO Zhang Xiaolei surrendered to the public security organs for surrender to

on suspicion of illegal crimes

[hunting cloud network (micro signal: ilieyun) Shenzhen] December 27th report (text / Zhong Zhong)

12 27, December 26, 2017, according to the official micro-blog in Nanjing, Zhang Xiaolei, the actual controller of Qian Bao network, surrendered himself to the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau on suspicion of crimes. At present, the public security organ of Nanjing is conducting an investigation.

in August this year, the media reported that the money treasure net headquarters in Shanghai has been evacuated, just run away. At the same time, investors found that the so-called "Qian Bao" APP can not be proposed.

media reports said that in fact, as early as April this year, Qian Bao has been listed in the list of business anomalies by Shanghai Yangpu District market supervision and Administration Bureau, and the reason is that it can not be contacted through the registered residence or business place. Meanwhile, Bao powder reflects that when he consulted Qian Bao customer service about the address information of Qian Bao's branch office in Guangzhou, he was replied to "address is inconvenient to inform", "I'm sorry". The company is suspected to have been running on the road.

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From: 钱宝网CEO张小雷因涉嫌违法犯罪向公安机关投案自首
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