Why did Ma Yun run to go hunting in Scotland? Hunting in this place in the northeast is legal

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original title: Why did Ma Yun run for hunting in Scotland? Hunting in this place in the northeast is a legal

enters winter, the best season for hunting in a year. A few days ago, a hunting game was experienced in the ice and snow of Jilin, Changbai Mountain. Good luck, dormant for more than an hour, harvest a pheasant.

hunting should be the oldest human activity, an innate, wild primitive instinct. In some European countries, hunting is a nobleman movement.

If you see the "

" will be on Downton Abbey, Downton a multiple hounds hunting in the forest scene is impressive. Man woman picking and hunting, the hunting game, full of romantic color.

three years ago, Ma had traveled to Scotland, Ho throw 36 thousand pounds in nice lake to rent a castle, hired four helicopters, and hunting friends play games together, a total of a dozen bucks a week aristocratic hunting addiction.

, no wonder that Ma Yun is going to hunt abroad. Because China basically banned the hunting in the 90s of last century. In the wildlife protection law and the criminal law, there are clear rules. Illegal hunting will face criminal punishment.

actually, there are also many legal hunting grounds in our country. For the purpose of environmental protection, China has established nearly twenty hunting grounds, mainly in Jilin, Heilongjiang, Qinghai and other provinces, object to the hare, pheasant, hunting birds, antelope, but such activities at home has been controversial, the hunting behavior restrictions.

is located in the long virgin forest of Lushuihe in the north slope of Changbai Mountain, Jilin. It is an ideal place for wildlife to thrive and thrive. The largest hunting base in the northeast border area is also the best place to hunt in winter.

Changbai Mountain is the earliest recorded hunting activities began in the Qing emperor Kangxi East tour period for birch Pishan Wai, "clear record" records: Shan Wai birchbark, Emperor Kangxi had personally shot three tiger. Manqingruguan, took Changbai Mountain as the place of more than 200 years of closing, until 1860 to lift closing, hunting and in popular.

With the footprints left on the snow,

can easily track its prey.

nei, see the beauty gun movement, is not particularly handsome!

not only looks beautiful, but also great marksmanship.

It is necessary for

to solemnly declare that all the animals in the picture are cultured in the hunting ground. The important thing to say three times: not wild! It's not wild! It's not wild! return to the Sohu, see more


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