Small island | extraordinary, you need to know these popular island

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original title: Island | niche extraordinary, you need to know these popular island

there is a feeling called "suddenly want to see the sea, warm sunshine, sandy beaches, salty air, blue sea... In winter more and more cold, it's time to go to the island of the waves! In addition to the popular islands of everyone, Phuket Island, Bali Island and Sanya, you can choose these cool but beautiful islands, and enjoy the comfortable island holidays.

six Ao Peninsula ( Fujian)

in Xiamen next, there is a small town of Zhangzhou, the Xiamen sea more clean, to have a "Chinese continental shelf of the most beautiful beaches of the six Ao Peninsula, you will find that there is a blue sky blue, called six ao.

"gentle six Aohai Emerald Bay, paradise," everywhere is gentle and romantic. Along the most beautiful coastline, along the way, the windmill rotates, the breeze is slowly, the sea is deep blue, this is the pleasant life that you want.

Paracel Islands

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Xisha return not to see the sea, then madde passers-by! In China, there is such a beautiful and primitive Island, which has not opened some of the islands in recent years. It is the real "man Shao Jingmei"!

here is the vast expanse of the sea, there are white and soft sand, crystal clear seawater, charming, Xiaguang, in front of it, Maldives is significantly less.

Ko Lipe ( Thailand)

away from the mainland of Ko Lipe, not too many commercial, no troubles as visitors. The inhabitants of the island are almost isolated from the world, giving people a sense of the sea of paradise.

it is known as "Thailand madet", "10 years ago in Phuket Island". The white sand beach and fine as powder, from the dark blue gradient for the peacock blue sea, to the stunning beauty.

Similan Islands ( Thailand)

is about 4 hours away from Phuket Island in Similan Islands, which is open only six months a year (from November to April). These islands are undeveloped, and are some of the most beautiful, undamaged islands in the world. The island shows the beauty of primitive and simple nature, which is delightful.

has a wide variety of marine organisms and spectacular coral reefs, providing a world-class underwater paradise for deep sea divers, one of the world's ten largest diving spots.

Yao Nuo Island ( Thailand)

Yao island is like a piece of virgin land, it is only 40 minutes away from Phuket, but without the depth development and artificial carving: green paddy fields, the dragonfly hovering at low altitude, simple villagers, Karst landform in the sea mountain as the background, showing a pair of original rustic style paintings, Chiang Mai county also worship charming, is an oasis in the blue sky white!

Cara hilman Island ( Philippines)

walks the beach, the moment is in heaven. The most famous of Cara post - man island is its trailing beach. As white as milk beach, like a jade belt, light dancing, the sea crystal jelly "dance" in a graceful arc. In the light of the sun, it is more attractive and glamorous.

walks on it like a medieval oil painting dream.

Pulau Perhentian ( Malaysia)

is rarely known by the Chinese because it doesn't have much commercial publicity. And when you come to Pulau Perhentian, you will find the lost and lost, can always be easily blown mint green sea. There are not many people here, and most of the people who go are backpackers. If you like to be quiet and enjoy the more primitive and natural scenery, then it will be your best choice.


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