Hainan next year to 12 cities and counties to cancel the GDP assessment of ecological environmental protection is listed as one vote veto

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data map: Haikou is building a commercial housing project.

Beijing December 26 Haikou Xinhua (reporter Hong Jianpeng) reporter learned from the 25 held in Hainan provincial economic work conference, Hainan province next year will be the implementation of the new "development of a comprehensive evaluation of Hainan province county evaluation procedures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), in Baoting, Lingshui, Ledong 12 counties GDP, industrial investment in fixed assets, cancel the examination.

it is understood that the new "measures" on the basis of the "Hainan Province, the main functional area planning", the province's 18 counties (excluding three Shashi) and Yangpu Economic Development Zone is divided into 5 categories, divided into two differentiated assessment platform.

The new way of

has designed 15 quantifiable and graded first level indicators and 51 two level indicators, highlighting resource endowments, functional positioning and development features, giving different values and weights to the same indicators in different regions. In particular, the protection of the ecological environment is classified as negative deduction and one vote veto.

Except for Haikou, Sanya, Yangpu, Danzhou, Wenchang, Qionghai and Chengmai, the above 12 cities and counties in

are mostly concentrated in Hainan's main agricultural production areas, ecological function areas and ethnic minority settlements.

Hainan provincial Party Secretary Liu Cigui likened it to make playing basketball and football's breakout game.

Liu Cigui said that the reason to make great efforts to adjust and appraisal method, on the one hand is to firmly implement the Party Central Committee's "top design"; on the other hand, is based on the actual situation of Hainan Province, adhere to the ecological province, promote the development of high quality, the urgent need to build a better new south.

Liu Cigui said, which city and county in the layout of the big province in the province, which city and county investment amount is large, but after the completion of the project, the investment will fall down, which can not really reflect the work of city and county. Some cities and counties for the performance, are often difficult to contain GDP impulse, will ignore the planning of the province of the main functional areas, some even regardless of local conditions, regardless of the ecological environment protection, on some low quality and low efficiency of the project, some places also compete to lower land prices for the project, and the new development ideas, draw further apart the high quality requirements of the development.

Liu Cigui said, the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate, prior to the Hainan environmental supervision feedback opinion pointed out that the real estate kidnapped Hainan planning, drum purse, ecological ruin. In this regard, he said, some cities and counties are too dependent on real estate, because the short term is very easy to bring a lot of GDP and fiscal tax. If "baton" does not change, how can the new development concept and high quality develop? How can ecological province persist? Therefore, it is imperative to adjust and optimize the evaluation and evaluation method.

Liu Cigui asked for the abolition of the assessment of 12 cities and counties. We should establish a concept of promoting farmers' income and getting rich and doing well in the protection of the ecological environment.

pointed out that the assessment of investment indicators for desalting fixed assets is not to invest, nor to pick up all the baskets in the past, but to make best use of the best resources to attract the best investment and to transform from business to business.


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From: 海南明年对12市县取消GDP考核 生态环保列为一票否决事项
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